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[Courseware Enhancements] Read-Only Instructor, Scheduling Reports, Biology AR

[Courseware Enhancements] Read-Only Instructor, Scheduling Reports, Biology AR

This semester, Edmentum is happy to introduce enhancements to Courseware that have stemmed from listening to customer feedback, observing student learning, and optimizing the user experience. We are wholly committed to ensuring that you have the best overall experience with Courseware, and we’re always looking for ways to make the program even better! Let’s dive into what you can expect to see in your Courseware account this semester.

Read-Only Instructor

Visibility into student data is important. Equally important is ensuring that we preserve data integrity and safety. We received feedback from our educators showing a need for flexible, restricted instructor roles with limited rights to make changes to the program but still with visibility into student data and reports.

Based on that feedback, account administrators will now be able to grant restricted access to stakeholders without having to provide complete editing privileges. The goal is for this feature to increase visibility in a safe manner.

Read-only instructor roles will be given the ability run reports and view specific Courseware programs and sections assigned to them. Educator roles that would benefit from being able to view student data but that wouldn’t necessarily require complete editing access include:

  • Teaching assistants
  • Counselors
  • Department heads
  • Paraprofessionals
  • Instructional coaches
  • Special education (SPED) personnel

Scheduling Reports

We’ve received feedback requesting: “I love all the reports I can run, but I really wish I could schedule them.” Well, now you can! With the scheduling reports feature, you’ll have the option to schedule select individual reports or report bundles—effectively providing you with an easier way to monitor student progress and support your program goals.

The new reporting experience is user-friendly, and yes, your scheduled reports and previous reports will be stored in a report history for 90 days if you ever need to go back and view a recent report.

Approving Credits

Approving credits in Courseware has become easier! We constantly strive to find ways to save you valuable time by streamlining curriculum management, and this new feature will allow you to quickly approve credits from the Manage Students page for administrators or the My Students page for instructors.  

Once selected, the credit ribbon becomes visible, and the Gradebook is updated with the approved status. Approved credits are available as a metric from the Program Snapshot page for administrators to further streamline progress monitoring.  

Biology Augmented Reality (AR)

Wouldn’t it be more interesting to learn biology online in a “hands-on” way? Augmented reality (AR) activities are coming to our Biology A/B course to create an immersive format for students to explore the Earth’s organisms. All that students will need to engage with these AR activities is a mobile device with a camera and a flat workspace (at school or home).

AR activities will be available in the following units:

Biology A:

  • Unit 2 - Unit Activity: Organ Systems

Biology B:

  • Unit 1 - Course Activity: Classifying Organisms
  • Unit 3 - Course Activity: Aerobic and Anaerobic Respiration

The enhancements don’t stop there. There will be plenty more of updates to come this year, so visit our What’s New Page for the most up-to-date enhancement information!