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[Courseware Release] Florida Financial Algebra

[Courseware Release] Florida Financial Algebra

Florida students are no longer just looking at traditional math courses like Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, and Statistics to meet their graduation requirements. Courses like Financial Algebra and Math for College Readiness, as well as industry certifications, are quickly becoming strong options for students who are not pursuing a mathematics-related career or a college degree. At Edmentum, we are committed to supporting every student’s path to graduation. With that in mind, we have created courses specifically for Florida students like Math for College Readiness and Math for College Success. Now, we are excited to announce our latest Florida-specific math course: Florida Financial Algebra!

At Edmentum, we know how important it is to begin any project by first researching and learning all about the subject focus—in this case, Financial Algebra . We looked at the standards—which, as Florida math educators may know, include mathematics, economics, and personal finance concepts and skills. You can learn more about how we create state-specific courses in this blog post.

We also spoke with several Florida educators in order to understand the focus of the course, typical student personas, and engaging and creative ways the course is taught. What we learned was invaluable! Financial Algebra is a fantastic course for students across the state of Florida who need financial skills to prepare them for the post–high school world. Whether that entails a four-year university, a two-year community college, or the start of a career in the workforce, this course is intended to prepare students for a variety of real-world skills and situations that they will experience upon graduating. This includes: paying rent, buying a car, getting a credit card, paying taxes, and investing money. What high school student doesn’t need to learn skills like this?

So, what did we learn from the educators who teach this course currently? Florida educators encouraged us to keep the course personal and engaging to students through using real examples and situations that 17- and 18-year-old high school graduates are likely to experience. Using this advice, we developed lessons to tell stories of young adults getting jobs, checking credit scores, and planning for their futures. We also created engaging activities that focused on real-world scenarios and problems that students will need to solve as they start their journey as adults. In one unit activity, students create a yearly budget based on expected pay, which includes expected and unexpected expenses. Budget creation is an invaluable skill—one that can save students from a lot of debt and frustration in the future.

We also took more general Florida educator feedback on our courses and incorporated new resources to guide students throughout Florida Financial Algebra. This included adding unit videos provided by teachers from our very own virtual school, EdOptions Academy. These videos, which are used to open and summarize each unit, not only help students understand what to expect from the unit, but they also add a supportive, encouraging facet to the course—all led by a real math teacher. Our other new addition for this course, lesson-level Guided Notes, help walk students through the tutorial and provide them with study material before their Mastery Test, Unit Post Test, and even End-of-Semester Test. Combine that with multiple opportunities to practice their math skills through Financial Algebra practice, and students will have every opportunity to succeed.

Thanks to Florida educators, the Edmentum Curriculum team created an engaging, instructive, and applicable Florida Financial Algebra course that will help students succeed not only in gaining a diploma but also in preparing for their financial futures in adulthood. Interested in learning more about our course options? Check out our Florida course catalog.

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