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Courseware Summer and Fall Enhancements Sneak Peek

Courseware Summer and Fall Enhancements Sneak Peek

In response to the feedback we’ve gathered from hundreds of hours connecting with educators, observing students learning, and analyzing data, we’re happy to share sneak peeks of enhancements you can expect from Courseware beginning this summer and going into the 2019–20 school year!

Our enhancements cover three major aspects of Courseware: program management, reporting, and curriculum. Let’s dig into how we’ve focused on improving and enriching your overarching experience, thereby increasing efficiency in daily program management and ensuring the highest-quality curricula for your students. 


Program Management
More options to provide flexibility for educators and support for students

Auto-Locking Assessments (Summer 2019)

To address the importance of increased assessment security, you’ll find that we have added more security features around our assessments, also ensuring that you have the flexibility and freedom to configure your curriculum in the way that best meets the needs of your students. Administrators will be able to choose to enable account-level or program-level settings to auto-lock (on launch) pretests, posttests, and end-of-semester assessments, giving you the assurance that assessment items are secure and protocols are in place for test administration.

Omit Course Functionality (Fall 2019)

One of the reoccurring pieces of feedback we receive is that educators want flexibility—particularly when it comes to managing curricula. Educators will soon able to alter sections or individual curriculum by omitting course activities for a more precise learning experience to meet students’ unique needs. Omitted activities will not be visible to the learner nor will they factor into pacing calculations or Gradebook scores. 

Read-Only Program Administrator Role (Fall 2019)

Account administrators can enroll educators with a read-only program admin role (for example, building principal, counselor, district administrators, curriculum coordinators, special education personnel) and assign visibility to specific a Courseware program. Read-only access allows educators to see section and student data and reports that may be generated; however, no other actions are accessible to the role.  The added flexibility of a read-only role adds a level of safety to the account and program settings to help improve program fidelity.

Pacing Calendar (2019–20 School Year)

In the 2019–20 school year, you can expect an enhancement to pacing and time management, giving students planning tools to stay on track with course progress. Students will have a more precise and automated way to understand what course activities they should work on over time.


Enhanced Reporting
Streamlined, sharable, and customizable—saving you HOURS of time each week

Enhanced Reporting (Summer 2019)

Enjoy the flexibility of generating and customizing the data most relevant to you with our new, intuitive and user-friendly reporting. New report functionality will help you provide personalized learning experiences for your students with transparent views of progress, trends, and student results. The process of creating reports will be streamlined, including offering the ability to generate single or bundled reports with the Course Progress report, Gradebook Report Card, and the Weekly Progress report to ensure that you are armed with the tools necessary to make important instructional decisions relevant to your implementation goals.  

Scheduling Reports (2019–20 School Year)

The ability to schedule and share reports with multiple stakeholders will give you the opportunity to efficiently communicate student performance and drive positive outcomes in a more simplified process.


Media-rich, interactive experiences and rigorous, high-quality content built to your state standards

Enhanced Courses (Summer 2019)

Beginning this summer, educators will see our continued commitment to provide media-rich, interactive experiences and curricula that are tightly aligned to state standards with more discrete lessons, as well as deeply relevant and engaging text selections to ensure that students not only retain the information presented but also master it. New ELA and math courses include powerful guided notes that scaffold student learning by building on information presented and then enhancing it as they learn new skills.

Expanded Career Paths (Fall 2019)

Edmentum’s industry-leading CTE collection and career paths cover a breadth of topics that allow students to learn the skills needed for careers that interest them and ultimately put them on a path toward job readiness and career certification. This year, we are expanding our career paths and CTE courses for more career development opportunities. New courses include: Network Fundamentals and Network+ Certification in the IT Career Path; the ServSafe® Food Handler & Food Manager course in the Hospitality and Tourism Career Path; and our new green energy course, Foundations of Green Energy.

Augmented Reality (Fall 2019)

Augmented reality (AR) brings to life rich visuals and media that students all around the country might not otherwise have access to, allowing learning experiences that break down traditional barriers accessing arts and humanities. This fall, we will release new AR activities in our English 9 course, providing richer opportunities for students to engage in innovative learning. View this video to see what AR will look like for students.

I hope you’re as excited about these enhancements as we are to share them with you! For up-to-date Courseware enhancement news, visit our What’s New Page!