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[Courseware Update] Enhanced Graphic Learner Progress Feature

[Courseware Update] Enhanced Graphic Learner Progress Feature

You asked for it! I’m excited to introduce the new-and-improved Graphic Learner Progress enhancement coming to Edmentum’s Plato Courseware this month. This improved feature will reflect all student assignments, as opposed to mastery only. If you’ve been a longtime Edmentum Courseware educator, you might be saying, “It’s about time,” as you read this. We have an entire team of world-class EdOptions Academy virtual teachers instructing in our own accredited school who have been asking for this type of functionality for a while too. A common theme I hear from our EdOptions Academy teachers and educators like yourself has been, “Please enhance the learner progress to reflect all assignments.”

All related features and reports will also be updated, including:

  • Learner – Home Page
  • Learner – All My Work
  • Learner – All Activities for an Assignment
  • Educator – Sensei Student Large Card (View All Assignments)
  • Learner Portfolio Report
  • Graphic Learner Progress Reports

Now let’s talk about why this update is really important. There is a difference between monitoring progress and measuring mastery. Both are essential; teachers need to know which objectives students have mastered, and they need to know the pace at which students are progressing in order to meet goals. An accurate view of learning pace is key to providing educators with the opportunity to intervene. With this update, Edmentum Courseware now allows educators to see a regular measure of objectives mastered and also graphs learner progress. In turn, this enables them to quickly and effectively intervene when students need extra instruction. Essentially, this enhancement provides the best of both worlds to learners and educators.

We made the decision to update this feature as a direct response to feedback from educators using Edmentum Courseware. We love to receive this kind of feedback and encourage all of our users to submit their ideas through our Seehive feature embedded within the product. As the product manager for Edmentum Courseware, I personally review these comments, and either myself or a support team or product team representative will follow up with all submissions.

Your voice is a big deal! Make yours heard by connecting with us through this channel. It’s your direct line to the all of us working to improve Edmentum solutions. We can’t do our jobs without hearing from you. We are truly partners in education, and I thank each of you who takes time to connect with us.

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