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[Courseware Updates] New Gradebook Report Card

[Courseware Updates] New Gradebook Report Card

Data reporting is important to us at Edmentum, and we know it’s equally important to our educators. Making data-informed decisions helps provide a solid rationale for our daily work, inside or outside of the classroom.

With our new update to our Gradebook in Courseware, you can use our Gradebook Report Card for just that. The new Gradebook Report Card provides a detailed view of student performance, and it can be used as a tool when communicating progress with a variety of stakeholders, including parents and counselors, during the semester or when conferencing with students. Let’s learn a bit more about this new feature.

Here are a few elements of the Gradebook Report Card:

  • Section Overview: Provides course section overview information, including course, section, program name, instructors, and start and end date
  • Current Score Display: Displays current score for each category, including the grading category, number of activities, activity weighting, and score
  • Sequenced Activities: Organizes activities in the order they appear in the gradebook, including grading details, time-on-task, type, and score

You can download this information from the Gradebook Report Card as a PDF or print it as needed for a course section or individual student.

As a reminder, you can access this Gradebook Report Card by opening a section in the Gradebook.

Edmentum Courseware’s Gradebook is an important feature and hub of Courseware, providing a live grading tool that is synced to activities in the course which update automatically as students complete work. By providing a complete picture of student performance, you’re able to have greater flexibility in making decisions that are best aligned to student needs.

But don’t take our word for it, one of our partners from Maine recently shared, “I am loving the Gradebook. When I have to give reports on students I can just print off report cards for students and give them to their teachers.” 

Don’t have access to the Gradebook? You can learn more about how you can upgrade to the new Gradebook here.