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[CTE Month] Building Partnerships for Success

[CTE Month] Building Partnerships for Success

February is the Association for Career and Technical Education’s CTE Month™, and we at Edmentum could not be more excited to celebrate! We know that CTE expands horizons and opens up a world of possibility for learners, which is why it is a top priority for us. Here’s a little more on how we’re working to fulfill that dedication.

At Edmentum, we are committed to consistently providing quality Career and Technical Education courses with a simple and intuitive design that provides data to inform decisions and drive instruction. But our commitment doesn’t stop there. Teachers are at the center of everything we do, and we know effective online programs are about more than just the implementation; that’s why we’re committed to building long-term, lasting relationships with both the educators and learners using our solutions. To put this into context, let’s look at CTE by the numbers at Edmentum.

Our course library features over 100 semester-long CTE courses across all 16 career clusters, including a robust offering of courses aligned to some of today’s fastest growing occupations:

  • Foundational Skills (3)
  • Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources (2)
  • Architecture & Construction (2)
  • Arts, A/V Technology & Communications (24)
  • Business Management & Administration (7)
  • Education & Training (6)
  • Finance (4)
  • Government & Public Administration (2)
  • Health Science (13)
  • Human Services (3)
  • Information Technology (14)
  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security (5)
  • Manufacturing (2)
  • Marketing (2)
  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (10)
  • Transportation, Distribution & Logistics (2)

In addition, we offer over a dozen more CTE courses powered by Carone Learning to support defined career pathways such as Healthcare and Sports & Fitness.

Effective online learning has a lot to do with the delivery. Our instructional architecture is designed to provide an interactive and engaging experience that encourages mastery. Learners are provided with student orientation and course syllabus materials at the beginning of the course, and guided through a series of units followed by an end of semester test. Each unit consists of a unit pretest, online discussion, a series of lessons, a review game and unit posttest. The lesson structure features tutorials with embedded activities and a mastery test. An example of these materials from one of our most popular courses, Audio Video Production, is below:

Edmentum Audio Video Production Course Materials

Edmentum is also committed to making sure that our work doesn’t stop at simply providing exceptional content—we want to ensure that every customer’s implementation is customized to their specific goals and needs. Our Customer Success Consultants work with our customers from initial implementation onward, checking in regularly, serving as a resource, and helping to provide guidance as programs evolve and grow. Edmentum is a company of educators, and the opportunity to work closely with educators in the classroom, sharing our expertise and learning from theirs, is what drives us.

Ready to find out more about how our courses can expand and enhance your career and technical education program? Check out this video to learn how Keller ISD in Texas is targeting student interests with Edmentum's online CTE solutions!