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[CTE Month] Free Online CTE Resources to Support Your Program

[CTE Month] Free Online CTE Resources to Support Your Program

Each February, the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) hosts the annual Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month® awareness campaign to celebrate the value of CTE programs across the nation. In honor of CTE Month, we want to share with educators a collection of our best CTE resources to set you and your students up for success!

CTE Program Planning Resources

CTE Workbook

This workbook is helpful as you plan for a successful CTE program. It will support you as you think critically about topics that affect the success of a program, such as:

  • Program development planning
  • CTE goals
  • CTE pathways
  • Implementation models
  • The best ways to utilize CTE data
  • CTE outside of the classroom

CTE Planning Worksheet

This worksheet provides examples of four- and six-year plans, career pathways, and blank templates to help you get your CTE program plan started. 

CTE Quick Reads

How to Connect Students to Real-World Opportunities Through CTE Programs

Explore three examples of ways that you can connect students to opportunities in the workforce.

Examining the Importance of Work Experience for Students

Learn the pros and cons of internships versus externships, and get inspired with ideas on how to help students land a work experience opportunity.

The Importance of Middle and High School CTE Programs

CTE programs are usually geared toward high school students, but what are the benefits of offering CTE programs even earlier to middle school students?

Career and Technical Education by the Numbers

Get a data breakdown on why CTE is important for students, for businesses, and for the economy.  

New Perkins V Law Passed: Now What for CTE?

Learn more about the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act (H.R. 2353) and how it affects funding for CTE.

[Career and Technical Education] 7 Key Terms to Know 

Get explanations for the most important terms in the field of CTE to help you stay on top of the latest trends.

Edmentum’s CTE Offerings

Course Catalog – CTE Libary

The Edmentum course catalog showcases the rigorous and engaging courses we offer. Take a look at our CTE library, with over 100 semester-long courses covering all 16 nationally recognized Career Clusters®. Filter by state, subject library, or grade level to find a course that resonates with your students’ needs. In need of a virtual teacher? Our EdOptions Academy offers the digital curriculum of Edmentum Courseware, paired with outstanding state-certified virtual teachers.

CTE Offerings

Learn more about how you can meet your students’ CTE needs with Edmentum in an engaging and attainable format. With the help of our courses, students will:

  • Prepare for high-demand careers
  • Develop critical skills for college readiness
  • Connect learning to real-life experiences for career preparation

Career Paths and Certification Courses

Find out how our CTE collection empowers both career exploration and readiness for in-demand health science and IT careers. You’ll get an overview of the courses that we offer for these two growing fields so that students will be equipped to take their respective certification exams—CompTIA A+ for IT careers and NNAAP® for a career as a certified nursing aide/assistant (CNA).

CTE in Action  

[Blog] My Why: How CTE Can Transform Education

“At first, Tim’s easygoing nature drew students without a social group to the class. These were students at risk of dropping out. In the [A/V] club, these students were not only connected to a purpose, they were now at the forefront of student events either with a camera or a microphone. They were on the field of football games and at the front of the auditorium during school announcements. As their visibility grew, so did their interest across social circles and backgrounds. They were connected but also held accountable to a team.”

[Success Story] Becoming a Beacon for the Community in Roselle, NJ

“Our guidance department has the goal of meeting twice a month with every student, just to check in on their progress and [see] if there are any ways we can help them make progress. Just those five-minute checks can be enough for a student to push themselves harder than they would have otherwise.”

[Recorded Webinar] Quick Wins with Online CTE Courses

This recorded webinar, hosted by Casey Stone (Edmentum consultant and a former CTE director for Texas’ Keller ISD), discusses how to leverage CTE courses to benefit multiple populations—even outside of the context of a traditional CTE program. Topics covered include boosting student engagement and incorporating career skill development into academic courses.

Interested in learning more about how you can get started on the right foot planning your CTE program? We’re here to help. Our incredible success consultants are committed to setting you up for success by ensuring that you have the tools and resources to maintain and grow your CTE program.