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Deep Dive into Exact Path Content: Exploring New Lessons for Grades 3–5

Deep Dive into Exact Path Content: Exploring New Lessons for Grades 3–5

During a time where more and more students are working in untraditional learning environments, unraveling difficult concepts and acquiring new skills, our talented Content and Learning Design teams have been developing even more high-quality Exact Path content to meet students' needs.

Our most recent fall content release concludes four months of creation focused on reinvigorating our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade curriculum offerings. Altogether, we created 41 three-part lessons, totaling 123 new pieces of content! New lessons, practice, and quizzes cover existing skills in math, reading, and language arts to deepen understanding and propel academic success.

Let’s take a closer look at the changes we made and the guiding principles behind them. Along the way, we’ll give you a sneak peek into some of the newer content your elementary students will experience in Exact Path!

Promote Active Learning

All the newly created skill modules elevate the instructional approach of active, engaged learning. This guiding principle encourages students to manipulate information and interact more deeply during the learning process. Essentially, we’ve applied an ongoing cycle of learning and doing such that students are receiving instruction and then applying it via regular checks for understanding.

Prioritize Key Skills

Content modules in Exact Path are organized within a linear K–12 skills progression delivered to students using a mastery learning model. During recent content investments, our subject-matter experts have focused on deepening our offerings within high-priority skills. This means that if students receive one of these skills within their learning path, they will first be presented with a new, high-quality skill module to complete. If differentiation or remediation is needed, students will then be given the opportunity to explore the concept again using a different piece of content. This approach maximizes success, and minimalizes boredom and frustration—a win-win for students as they close gaps and work toward their personal growth goals!

Focus on Diversity and Inclusion

This exciting series of releases also introduces a brand-new band of characters from Nebula Academy. These out-of-this-world animated friends are brought to life in 17 new lesson modules that address three core ideals:

  • Fatigue: Students who may need remediation on a skill require a different visual experience.
  • Age Appropriateness: Characters use an aspirational design rather than an on-grade-level one so that students can see themselves growing and advancing.
  • Representation: We’ve designed characters considering the diversity of our learner group. External experts completed bias and sensitivity testing, and 300 real students provided their feedback to help shape these characters.

Focusing on diversity and inclusion in our content approach allows our students to see themselves reflected in the world around them!

Interested in learning about other recent (and upcoming) Exact Path enhancements. Keep an eye on the Exact Path What's New page!

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