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Delivering “Just-in-Time” Learning Solutions with EdOptions Academy

Delivering “Just-in-Time” Learning Solutions with EdOptions Academy

When I started my first principalship, I felt I had a huge runway before me—that is, until the first day of school. I had a firm understanding of the guidelines, standards, principles, and many of the latest and greatest theories and programs. I thought I was headed toward the first day of school prepared for anything. However, as anyone who has been fortunate enough to work in education would reiterate, I soon learned: “you don’t know what you don’t know.” 

As a principal, you can spend countless hours preparing in order to create a safe, secure school environment and offer educational options to meet the needs of all students, but you will never be able to predict all of the barriers you face in a school year. Issues that are out of your control may arise at any time: a teacher suddenly leaving the district for another opportunity, difficulties scheduling appropriate classes for all students due to teacher shortages, lack of opportunities for students seeking world languages and advanced courses, or the need to deliver instruction for homebound students or others seeking alternative options. As a principal, it’s your responsibility to act in a “just-in-time” manner with limited resources to all of these situations.

With today’s advancements in technology, online content and instructional delivery, and student management systems, there are more options than ever before to react to the “just-in-time” issues. Online solutions offer an unprecedented chance to add scalability and flexibility in meeting student needs. By partnering with a technology provider, schools and districts can expand their capabilities in order to quickly and effectively react to unseen hurdles.

Imagine an opportunity to leverage an award-winning, intuitive online system containing standard-aligned content and backed by highly qualified, experienced online teachers that supports this “just-in-time” mentality. There may be instances where you lose a French teacher to another district, your Algebra class is over-crowded,  a required health class doesn’t fit in a student’s schedule because he or she has chosen to attend a career and technical center, or a student is in need of homebound or hospitalized instruction. All too often, obstacles like this set students back and delay graduation. However, with the right online solution, you have no need to be concerned. You can simply enroll students in the classes they need and leave teacher assignments, instruction delivery, and progress reporting to your partner organization.

Edmentum’s EdOptions Academy is this “just-in-time” solution. Our fully accredited virtual school gives principals the ability to scale and be flexible in managing the unseen hurdles that confront them each day. Schools don’t have to invest in upfront costs or predict the number of students that may utilize this option; instead, they’re free to enroll students only as needed. It’s a win-win scenario.

EdOptions Academy ISTE Seal of AlignmentThe Edmentum team is passionate about both technology and education. We’re always working hard to develop research-based, rigorous, and meaningful learning resources to support teachers and improve student outcomes. Interested in finding out more about how your school or district can partner with EdOptions Academy to offer your students robust, expanded course options? Check out our complete course listing!