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On-Demand Webinar: CTE Courses

On-Demand Webinar: CTE Courses

There has been a nationwide push to include real-world experience earlier in students’ educational path.  But how can you provide this experience as educators? 

Help your students take their next step.  CTE ensures future success by:

  • Giving alternative choices with a variety of course offerings
  • Connecting what they are learning to real-life experience
  • Helping them acquire the skills they need to be equipped to compete in today’s workforce

Plato Courseware's new Career Technical Education online courses meet the needs of today's technology savvy students with courses aligned to the career clusters of the National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium (NASDCTEc).

Watch our on-demand CTE webinar to learn more about these exciting new offerings and help your students discover their passion and develop the skills they need to compete in today’s economy.

New CTE courses include:

Computer Science 1A

Computer Science 1A provides a fundamental understanding of computer science principles while emphasizing the practical application of computer science to other areas of learning. It encourages critical thinking while developing specific skills in scripting, program structure, logic and languages, functions, and data sets.

Game Development

Are any of your students gamers? That's what we thought. In this course, they'll learn the ins and outs of game development to prepare them for a career in the field. Whether it is the history of video games, character development, mobile game design, user interface design, social gaming, or the principles of development design and methodologies, this 20-lesson course covers it all. 

Introduction to Accounting

This course empowers high school students with the essential skills they need to understand accounting basics. Lessons include Account Types (assets, liabilities, expenses, etc.), The Accounting Cycle, and Balance Sheet Elements. Engaging and relevant, this course particularly helps both those students with an accounting career orientation, and those in need of an overview of essential accounting principles.

Introduction to Business Administration

Introduction to Business Administration is specifically designed to provide high school students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in high-demand careers. This full semester course includes 15 lessons and five course activities that keep students engaged while online discussions leverage their collective knowledge for the benefit of all learners. The course is both flexible and simple to manage.

Introduction to Fashion Design

From Components of Fashion to Haute Couture to Production, this course is focused on the practical aspects of career preparation in the fashion design industry. Online discussions and course activities require students to develop and apply critical thinking skills while the included games appeal to a variety of learning styles and keep students engaged. Fascinating and practical, Introduction to Fashion design will appeal to, and enrich, many of your students.

Introduction to Marketing

This one-semester course provides a comprehensive overview of marketing principles and practices in today's dynamic digital context. The five course activities are career oriented and encourage the development of critical thinking skills in practical applications. Lessons include Branding, Segmentation, Advertising Fundamentals, and Online Marketing.

Introduction to Social Media

This cutting-edge course develops social media skills and knowledge that will have a practical and positive impact in helping your high school students succeed in today's economy. Of course they already engage in social media, but this course enhances their skills and knowledge in order to apply them in a practical way in their careers.

Web Design

This semester-long course takes students inside the essentials of web design and helps them discover what makes a site truly engaging and interactive. Lessons such as Elements of Design, Effects of Color, and Typography help them understand the elements of effective and dynamic web design. The course covers the basics of HTML, CSS, and how to organize content, and helps to prepare them for a career in web design.

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