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Edmentum’s Commitment to Courseware – An In-Depth Look

Edmentum’s Commitment to Courseware – An In-Depth Look

At Edmentum, we like to think that who we are is a lot like who you are—educators committed to the success of every student. It was that commitment that inspired us when we pioneered online education over 50 years ago, and it’s what continues to inspire us to innovate today.

Our four key commitments—to simple technology, quality content, actionable data, and customer success—drive every decision we make regarding our online programs. Today, we want to dig into how Edmentum Courseware fulfils each of those commitments, and how that’s helping us achieve our ultimate goal of being educators’ most trusted partner.

Simple Technology

Education technology should be intuitive and easy to use—working to save educators’ time, not take more of it. At Edmentum, we are committed to delivering streamlined, straightforward technology.

Our Courseware can quickly and easily pivot when instructional needs are uncovered. This can be done by creating a Flex Assignment—a tool which allows educators to quickly assign customized, targeted content to students at their direct moment of need—to easily monitor progress along the way. These assignments can be used to set up remediation or acceleration, host an online collaboration with a small group or class to present information in a new way and promote interaction, or make a prescriptive assessment built into the same platform to help diagnose a student’s unique needs. Content and videos can be easily accessed and shared with the click of button. Additionally, with Flex Assignments, you can search through content by topic or standard and assign supplemental resources. The search by standards feature is a valuable tool for educators when aligning their curriculum to their local scope and sequence.

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Quality Content

Quality content and assessments start with a solid instructional design strategy that focuses on both the acquisition of knowledge and the retention of it. We are committed to delivering rigorous, research-based content and assessments that are aligned to the most up-to-date state and national standards, designed to engage your students, and written to meet the evolving needs of schools and districts.

Edmentum Courseware empowers students with new opportunities to personalize their learning experience, and also challenges them to put many traditional tools and strategies to use. Students are presented with relevant real-world situations, interactive lessons, technology-enhanced items, and animations and videos. The content provides students with the opportunity to think critically, problem-solve, practice what they are learning, and acquire new knowledge.

Actionable Data

At Edmentum, to make sure that our data answers educators’ questions, we go directly to the source—by asking educators. We conduct extensive user research to understand what questions educators need answers to and what decisions they need to make. We then ensure that our products provide data in ways that are easy for educators to understand.

For example, with our recently updated Educator dashboard, educators can get answers to the following questions with just a few clicks:

  • Which students are working behind pace?
  • How many activities have been completed or are left to complete?
  • How are students pacing against the course goals?
  • What is the student’s overall course grade? What is the student’s current grade?

After educators get answers from their data, of course they want to act on it. So, one question we always ask during our user research is: “What actions do you want to take when you see the data?”

Our goal is to empower educators to take immediate action on their data. Perhaps the action involves making a new assignment. Perhaps it involves sending a message to a student. Or perhaps it involves reviewing and scoring an activity that the student has submitted for a grade. In Edmentum Courseware’s data dashboards, taking these actions is only a click or two away.

Customer Success

A passion for customer success is at the heart of who we are and what we do. We are committed to raising the bar in what you can expect from your technology partner by ensuring that you uncover the full potential of your programs. As an Edmentum partner, you will be met with a team of professionals dedicated to supporting your unique implementation.

Our Implementation Consultants call on their own classroom experiences leveraging technology with different kinds of learners to provide product training and offer instructional best practices. This approach ensures that our customers’ digital initiatives flourish, and our online programs help serve more students, more effectively. For example, your implementation consultant might be able to identify a student need, or your school or district might find itself in the position where there just aren’t enough teachers to cover your student needs. Edmentum Courseware can help fill both of those gaps.

At its foundation, online curriculum is designed to infuse technology into the learning process and support educators in providing a personalized learning experience for every student. Edmentum is proud to offer educators best-in-class online curriculum filled with rigorous and engaging online content that is aligned to relevant state and national standards. Our customizable Courseware solution is designed to meet all students at their proficiency level through the use of media-rich and interactive experiences.

Ready to learn more? Explore some of the exciting new features and enhancements to our Courseware that have been released this summer!