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[Edmentum’s Commitment] The Evolution of Our Mission and Vision

[Edmentum’s Commitment] The Evolution of Our Mission and Vision

Over the summer months, we’ve introduced Edmentum’s four commitments—to quality content, simple technology, actionable data, and customer success—dedicated to our overarching mission of being educators’ most trusted partner in creating successful student outcomes everywhere learning occurs. For all of us at Edmentum, these commitments go beyond a corporate statement; they are a philosophy that guides our actions every day.

Like so many of the individuals who work at Edmentum, my life is deeply rooted in the world of education. I grew up in a family of educators; for 37 years, my father was a teacher, principal, and superintendent in a rural school district, and my mother was a third-grade teacher who still occasionally tutors young learners today. Time with my parents has always reminded me of the positive and lasting impacts educators have on their students. Whether it’s running into former students who speak about the difference my dad made in their young lives or the successful businessman who, after 40 years, remains in touch with his third-grade teacher, I’m constantly reminded of the profound ways in which educators affect the paths of their students’ futures. And, while I did not follow directly in my parents’ footprints, somehow I always felt their inspiration would lead me way back to the world of education.

In my 10 years with Edmentum, technology has transformed pieces of daily life for all of us—smartphones have become an extension of ourselves, information is at our fingertips, and connection is a constant. Educators have certainly felt the effects of these changes, as personal devices and online learning have gone from novelties in the classroom to necessities. In the process, educators’ opinions, expectations, and visions for edtech have evolved considerably. As a leader at Edmentum, I’ve watched our company’s products and goals evolve similarly.

As technology has evolved, it has raised expectations about its ability to contribute to the teaching and learning process. Today, to be truly meaningful as a tool to educators and students, online content must be delivered in a way that is engaging, feature-rich, and intuitive for users. It must be able to help educators accurately measure progress and offer meaningful insights to drive instruction. And, it must be a people-driven enterprise; technology is only transformative when it is used in a collaborative, interactive manner grounded in ongoing training and conversations.

This past year was a period of change for Edmentum as I transitioned into my new role of chief executive officer and challenged our team to rethink the goals that drive us and the vision, mission, and values that guide us toward those goals. We thought about these things very hard—about how the teachers and students who use our products inspire us, about how we and others who create online learning products need to serve them better, and about making a public commitment to do just that.

So, from this work, came these four commitments we make to all those we serve: quality content, simple technology, actionable data, and customer success. As a cohesive group, these commitments can empower educators to transform their classrooms, create personalized learning experiences, and drive student achievement. Take any one out, and all you’re left with is just another app.

I’m incredibly proud to be a part of a company like Edmentum, where our mission is not only meaningful but also hardened by the authenticity of those we work with every day. Our employees come from a variety of backgrounds—former educators, technology experts, curriculum writers, researchers, sales and customer service professionals, and more—all sharing a passion for learning, a conviction in the importance of education, and a belief in the potential of technology. This must be the case in order to fulfill all four of our commitments to educators, and it is through upholding those commitments on a daily basis that we are able to effectively fulfill our overarching commitment of making educators’ jobs easier. 

Our mission of being educators’ most trusted partner in creating successful student outcomes is one that we are honestly enthusiastic about, and our commitments to quality content, simple technology, actionable data, and customer success are how we live up to that mission every day.

As the 2016–17 school year unfolds, we’re looking forward to continuing to share stories of our four commitments in action here on the blog. In the meantime, take a look at this video, and see why we believe Anywhere, Anytime, We Can Learn.'s picture
Rob Rueckl
Rob joined Edmentum in June 2005, and served as Chief Financial Officer until his appointment as Chief Executive Officer in August 2015, giving him more than a decade of leadership experience in the K-12 education technology market. During Rob’s tenure, Edmentum launched its first SaaS platform, transitioned from public to private ownership, and completed two acquisitions that expanded Edmentum’s solutions offerings. He was instrumental in the development of Edmentum’s strategy to extend its leadership positions in the online instruction and assessment markets and to develop new solutions for educators looking to create twenty-first century learning experiences for their students.