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[Edmentum’s Commitment] How Our Vision for Plato Courseware Supports Successful Student Outcomes

[Edmentum’s Commitment] How Our Vision for Plato Courseware Supports Successful Student Outcomes

At Edmentum, it’s our goal to be your most trusted partner in creating successful student outcomes everywhere learning occurs. We’re always looking to develop new opportunities for you to leverage online curriculum to save you time and make one-to-one student engagement more feasible.

At its foundation, online curriculum is designed to infuse technology into the learning process and support educators in providing a personalized learning experience for every student. At Edmentum, we are committed to working with you to meet students’ needs by expanding your definition of online curriculum, building an implementation plan tailored to your goals, and providing ongoing opportunities to help you continuously improve the learning environment in your school or district.  

Edmentum is proud to offer educators best-in-class online curriculum filled with rigorous and engaging online content, aligned to relevant state and national standards. Our Plato Courseware content is designed to meet each student at their proficiency level through the use of media-rich and interactive experiences. Whether students are working at grade level, falling behind, or in need of advanced options, Plato courses are customizable to any environment.

Here are the exciting new enhancements you can look forward to in the coming school year.

  • Brand new algebra I & II courses
  • High School NGSS-aligned science curriculum
  • Carone Learning, a brand-new health and fitness library (stay tuned!)
  • Continued commitment to state approvals
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Improved pacing features

Edmentum is committed to partnering with you to create successful outcomes everywhere learning occurs. As a demonstration of that commitment, we hope you enjoy this brand-new resource, an Online Curriculum Workbook, to help expand your definition of online curriculum, highlight student and teacher views of implementations, and provide opportunities to help you identify the best learning environment for your school or district. We’ve also included our interactive planning worksheets you can use to begin planning your own online curriculum implementation. Ready to check it out? Access the complete Online Curriculum How-to Guide here