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[Edmentum’s Commitment] Proud Leaders in Data Interoperability

[Edmentum’s Commitment] Proud Leaders in Data Interoperability

Here at Edmentum, we pride ourselves on having an #EducatorFirst perspective in everything that we do. Our goal is to create an experience for teachers that doesn’t hinder the learning process for their students. We don’t want teachers to feel like “users” of our programs, as that can pull them away from their most important job: educating students. Providing a seamless integration between our programs and a district partner’s data systems will help to make the overall job of the educator much easier, especially on a day-to-day basis. Edmentum’s commitment to data interoperability can be seen through our strong partnerships and involvement in the interoperability community as outlined below.

Courseware API

Our Courseware API (Application Programming Interface) is a comprehensive and the industry-leading interface for digital curriculum. This extensive API helps to enable some of our largest virtual, district, and state partners to integrate with our systems in a way that is customized exactly to their needs. Several districts use the API as an alternative to manual or batch user uploads, course rostering, and grade reporting.

We have a strong partnership with Bocavox through our integration with their Maestro SIS, one of education’s most comprehensive student information systems. By partnering with Bocavox, we can consistently keep student data accurate, always in-sync, and always flowing between systems in real time. For example, Bocavox uses our API to automate adding students into a course upon enrollment so a teacher doesn’t have to spend the time manually doing so. No other online courseware provider has as extensive of an API as we do, and it’s something we are certainly proud of.

IMS Global Learning Consortium Contributions

We’re proud to partner with and be a contributing member to IMSGlobal, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to defining, adopting, and evolving an integrated environment that enables better teaching and learning. IMSGlobal is responsible for creating a set of common standards for EdTech products so that they can all communicate through using a common language. Many members of our organization, including myself, are involved in a variety of their boards and committees. I serve on the LTI Product Steering committee, Michael Pollack, Chief Applications Architect, serves on the technical advisory board, and a handful of others contribute regularly to the creation of standards.

LTI 1.3 and LTI Advantage

We’re proud to participate as an early adopter of the latest Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standards releases. We’re committing to updating Edmentum Courseware to the latest set of standards by November 2018. We are the only all digital K-12 provider announced in this wave of adopters which demonstrates our commitment and leadership around standards based integrations.

One EdTech Ecosystem™ (1EdTech™)

IMS has also announced a collaboration between school districts and suppliers that will make it radically easier for school districts to make digital resources and applications available to teachers and students. . We are proud to serve as Phase 1 participants of this new initiative focused on maximizing teaching and learning time for our partner districts.

LTI 1.1 and 1.2 integration is available with Courseware, along with Thin Common Cartridge. Districts enjoy the flexibility of being able to integrate our engaging content with their LMS platforms like Moodle, Canvas, and Schoology.

Partnership with Clever

Our long-standing partnership with Clever has enabled our customers to automatically sync roster data for hundreds of thousands of districts. We are proud to have been a partner with them since 2013. Over 2,500 buildings using Edmentum products sync their classroom rosters with us using Clever. Clever helps districts eliminate roadblocks for users to quickly adopt EdTech applications and giving one-click access through single sign-on.

New Partnership with Classlink

This summer we are launching our partnership with Classlink, enabling our partner districts to also use Classlink to roster students into our platform and leverage Classlink’s single-sign-on capabilities.

Project Unicorn Support

Project Unicorn is an educational advocacy initiative dedicated to the secure, controlled interchange of data within K-12 education. The coalition consists of 54 LEAs (including districts like Pittsburgh Public Schools, and Houston ISD) and 34 vendors. With support from the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, InnovateEDU, a Brooklyn based non-profit, has been leading the Project Unicorn effort. Project Unicorn is focused on improving the transparency of data interoperability in the education technology space and empowering districts to be smart consumers in their procurement of technology. We’re committed to data interoperability and this partnership solidifies us as a leader in the EdTech world.

Bringing it all Together

Having great technology based on industry best practices and widely recognized standards is only one part of the puzzle to solving interoperability for our partners. We also have a dedicated and experienced technical services team that specializes in integrations to ensure our partners have everything they need for success on day one of any integration.

We’re always looking for new and better ways to support our partner districts. By making the transfer of data easy between our systems and a district’s, we can provide the highest level of support for education across America. We strive for our technology to be supportive of an institution’s educational goals and not a burden.

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Paul Johansen

Paul is Vice President of Product and Chief Technology Officer at Edmentum overseeing talented groups that have the exciting responsibility for delivering our online solutions to our customers. His teams manage our comprehensive product portfolio, design our world class user experiences, develop our technology platform and operate our data centers. Paul loves to spend time out with our customers and stays active in his children’s home district where he recently helped design a K-6 coding curriculum and is a member of the district innovation team. Paul has degrees in Computer Science and Marketing from the University of Minnesota and an MBA from MIT. He has been with Edmentum since 2009.