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Edmentum’s Commitment to Quality Content: Highlighting our State & Third Party Course Approvals

Edmentum’s Commitment to Quality Content: Highlighting our State & Third Party Course Approvals

At Edmentum, we’re committed to providing our customers with the high quality online content. As part of that commitment, we work hard to make sure our Plato Courseware online courses are up to date with relevant standards, and regularly submit our courses to be reviewed by state departments of education and independent national review organizations to be placed on both recommended and required course lists. We work closely with these agencies to make sure that our online solutions meet relevant standards from a content, technology, and accessibility standpoint. As a result, educators can save time and already scarce resources by being able to rest assured that Edmentum curriculum is rigorous, engaging, up-to-date, and aligned to standards.

And, we’re proud to have plenty of evidence to back up this hard work! Here are some highlights related to our state-approved courses over the last couple of years:

  • 3,069 total state-approved courses
  • 1,894 courses submitted since November 1, 2015 alone
  • 99.16% rate of approval on submitted courses
  • 508 courses approved by national review organizations (ISTE, Academic Benchmarks, QualityMatters, and ProCert)
  • Over 300 courses approved for the Michigan GenNET program
  • Over 200 courses approved on 4 other state lists (Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan 21F, and Nevada)
  • Courses approved on a total of 30 state and national lists
  • Edmentum has the most approved courses of any vendor on 5 state lists (California, Florida, Louisiana, North Dakota, and Virginia), as well as ISTE’s national approval list. We have the 2nd most of any vendor on seven other lists (Maryland, Michigan 21F, North Carolina, Quality Matters, Utah, and Michigan GenNET)

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