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[Edmentum’s Commitment] We’ve Made Improvements to Our Clever Integration

[Edmentum’s Commitment] We’ve Made Improvements to Our Clever Integration

At Edmentum, our number-one priority always is finding new and better ways to empower educators to provide students with the individualized instruction they need. That mission is what drove us to be one of Clever’s first partners for student information system (SIS) integration, and now, several years in, it’s what’s driving us to make updates and improvements to that partnership.

Our Clever integration has always provided our partners with easy student rostering, but we recognize that the ability to take that student information and use it to quickly populate class sections and rosters within Edmentum programs is just as important. We’ve updated our Clever integration with Courseware and Exact Path to support this full breadth of functionality so that educators and students can more quickly get started with their most important work of teaching and learning. Edmentum’s Clever integration now allows our partner schools and districts to:

  • Map student and educator information from your SIS to Edmentum products
  • Map students into specific classes or sections within your Edmentum products
  • Specify multiple programs under the same Edmentum product at a single school location
  • Offer easy single sign-on (SSO) for students

We recognize that districts and schools are utilizing numerous technology tools every day, and we’re dedicated to making sure that our programs are saving teachers and students time—not adding to the to-do lists. By automatically syncing Edmentum programs with your SIS, our integration with Clever automates a variety of time-consuming data entry and administrative tasks; safeguards the accuracy of student data for consistent, meaningful recordkeeping; and helps educators and students quickly get started with learning in Courseware and Exact Path.

With this update, we’ve worked hard to make sure that our integration with Clever is flexible and user-friendly. We’ve built a streamlined SIS integrations area within the Edmentum platform so that our partners using Clever have easy visibility into the status of their data, including mapped schools, users, courses, and sections. Clever users also have the ability to choose how to integrate their account with Edmentum programs, with options to sync on a rostering and SSO basis only or to fully sync for rostering, SSO, and section/class enrollment. Users can also choose the frequency which Clever syncs SIS data to Edmentum programs and whether or not to utilize SSO. And, our team of expert technical engineers is always on hand to help schools and districts get started with Clever integration and troubleshoot any issues that come up.

We know that student data integrity and streamlined data management are essential to the success of any edtech initiative. Watch this short video to learn more about our technical integrations and partnerships, which were created to ensure a safe, intuitive experience for students and educators.