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[Edmentum’s Educator of the Year] Introducing Our Award Winners

[Edmentum’s Educator of the Year] Introducing Our Award Winners

Earlier this year we asked our customers to nominate fellow educators who are making a profound impact on the lives of students. Now, it's time to announce the winners of our second annual Edmentum Educator of the Year awards! Each nomination we received told the story of an outstanding educator doing amazing things to help students achieve success. With more than twice as many entries as our first year, selecting the winners was an incredibly difficult task.

Our five honorees stood out as going far above and beyond for their students, while also being great champions for technology in the classroom. We would like to congratulate our winners on their incredible work and achievements, and thank ALL of the dedicated educators out there working hard to make a difference in the lives of students. So, without further ado, we’re excited to introduce our Edmentum Educator of the Year Award winners!

Edmentum's Educator of the Year: Courtney Lewis - Teacher - Sayre Elementary School

"Mrs. Courtney Lewis should be recognized as the Edmentum Educator of the Year because she honestly deserves it. She is dedicated like a teacher truly should be. She uses a lot of her own personal and family time researching ways and strategies to be a better educator. I have seen her become more confident in her abilities and even have veteran teachers seek her out for advice and suggestions. I would not recommend a teacher for an honor such as this if I didn't truly believe that they deserved it--and she does. She exhibits qualities that I wish all teachers exhibited."

Andrea Dickson - District Curriculum Coordinator - Sayre Public Schools


Edmentum's Inspirational Educator - Elementary School: Brittney Campbell - Teacher - Mispillion Elementary School

"Brittney Campbell should be recognized as the Edmentum Educator of the Year because not only does she inspire her students to use technology but she has inspired other teachers in the building to do the same thing. She identifies the strengths and weaknesses of a student’s academics and works to meet them at their level and grow them beyond what they are expected to accomplish. I have seen her students grow tremendously because of the effort that she puts in to meet the needs of each individual student in her class."

Nancy Carter - Assistant Principal - Mispillion Elementary School


Edmentum's Inspirational Educator - Middle School: Alissa Mounsey - Teacher - Adrien Block I.S. 25

"Ms. Mounsey uses a hands-on approach to everything. When you come into her classroom the students are highly engaged in different activities throughout the room. Students look forward to going to her room so they can learn. They sprint with excitement each time. An educator of the year doesn't only work with the 33 children in front of them. They lead by example and work with everyone. Ms. Mounsey has been a leader in this building to students, to her peers, to the community, and the administrators. She is a model teacher, and words don’t always show how incredible someone truly is. People would love to clone her so she could inspire more students."

Daniel Flaxman - Guidance Counselor - Adrien Block, I.S. 25


Edmentum's Inspirational Educator - High School: Kathy Blair - Technology Instructional Coach - Upper Darby High School

"Kathy works very hard to provide support and ideas to help teachers integrate technology into the classrooms of about 250 teachers in our building. She not only inspires students, but she inspires our staff. If someone needs help, she is always available and usually the first person someone reaches out to (because she can help with just about anything)! She goes more than above and beyond to help and inspire our teachers and students and make Upper Darby High School a better place!"

Kristen Hoyt - Instructional Coach - Upper Darby High School


Edmentum's Inspirational Educator - High School: Lee Ann Solberg - Counselor - Career Academy South Bend

"Mrs. Solberg's most successful technique is honestly just keeping it real with the students. She doesn't sugarcoat the situation. She tells it like it is, laying out all the possibilities of the current situation and helping the students realize how much power they have in determining their own journey. Students need to hear the 'real world' consequences of their actions or reactions to situations. Because the students have such a rapport with her she can help them understand and they respond positively to her. Mrs. Solberg does not judge the students on how they look, where they come from, or their parents or home life. She believes every student can achieve something. Her belief in the students and the way she acknowledges the positive attributes of the students has them believing in themselves. Mrs. Solberg is compassionate. She truly believes in the students and will continue to find what works. Because we are a small school and cannot offer all the classes we would like, Mrs. Solberg, insisted on getting more of the Plato classes to cover the interests of our students. Mrs. Solberg goes above and beyond for our students and staff."

Lydia Jagger - Principal - Career Academy South Bend


We want to send out a big thank-you to everyone who took the time to submit a nomination for this year’s Edmentum Educator of the Year awards—we were blown away by the positive response! Be on the lookout in the coming weeks for feature blog posts on each one of our inspirational winners, and take a minute to meet last year’s winner here!