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Edmentum’s Exact Path and Our Commitment to Customer Success

Edmentum’s Exact Path and Our Commitment to Customer Success

We strive to differentiate instruction for students; why not for teachers as well?

Personalized learning is one of the biggest buzzwords in education today. However, this shift towards personalization is very much a learning process. This was a key consideration for us as we thought about how we would support customers using our new Individualized Learning Solution. Just as educators are moving away from the “sage on a stage” format with students, it’s no longer acceptable to offer training and development in the form of day-long lecture sessions with a trainer. Instead, these sessions need to be interactive, applicable, and tailored to each school or program’s specific format, goals, and challenges; we sincerely believe it’s the best way to fulfil our commitment to customer success.

That’s why for all of our Individualized Learning Solution customers, we focus on building a true partnership. Our Edmentum services professionals, all of whom have countless hours of classroom and technology experience, work closely with customers from the early implementation stage all the way through subsequent years of program refinement. We believe it’s necessary to start with a solid overall program design, determine measurable, realistic goals and objectives for the program; and develop a clear timeline for implementation. We make it a priority to understand your school and students’ unique needs and challenges, as well as the technology resources at your disposal, in order to provide the most effective training and development we can. Only after this critical planning is complete do we move on to helping customers get up and running on the technology side with our solution.

And thanks to simple, intuitive technology, we take pride in the fact that getting started with our solution is a straightforward process. We don’t have to dedicate hours on end to basic, point-and-click training with your staff because it’s just not needed. Instead, we aim to focus our training time with your staff on where it really creates value—helping you make effective use of the data Edmentum’s Individualized Learning Solution provides. We make it a priority to schedule time to come in to work with your staff throughout the year, after you’ve administered assessments with the solution. We work within the professional development models you’re already using—whether those are PLCs, grade-level groups, etc.—and offer hands-on training with your teachers to help them master interpreting their student data and using it to make meaningful instructional decisions.

By working with our Individualized Learning Solution customers on an ongoing basis like this, we’re also able to support you as you progress toward your overarching program goals—and as those goals shift. It’s our objective to be more than a vendor to your school or district. Our Edmentum services staff is a group of educators just as passionate about teaching and learning as your staff; they’re eager to share their experience, act as a personalized learning resource, and learn with and from you.

We recognize that technology is only effective with dedicated, skilled educators behind it. That’s why we’re committed to building meaningful relationships to support the success of all of our customers.

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