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Edmentum’s Product Vision Wrap-Up

Edmentum’s Product Vision Wrap-Up

Back in March, I kicked off a series of blog posts on our product vision. In that post, I talked about all of the planning going on for summer vacations (my summer was great, by the way, thanks for asking). Now, almost six months later, summer vacations are over and everyone is diving into a new school year. This seems like a great time to look back over the last six months and talk about how far we’ve come in delivering that product vision and where we go from here.

In that post in March, I listed five major trends that are driving our product vision and roadmap.

1.    New Common Core Assessments

Around the country, from New York to my home state of Minnesota, parents and administrators watched test scores drop as new assessments were put into place to measure new expectations, most (though not all) driven by the Common Core State Standards.

Just last month, Edmentum released 10 brand-new technology-enhanced item types to help educators prepare students for these new assessments. These item types are available today in the Study Island product and will come to the Edmentum Assessment products in December.

2.    Mobile learning

Everything we’ve released since my post in March is mobile-friendly from the get-go. That includes all of the new item types for Study Island and Edmentum Assessments, as well as dozens of new courses for Plato Courseware.

3.    Student data

Have you heard about Sensei yet? I hinted at it back in March and we’ve since announced its release, which will happen in December. Sensei is an unprecedented way for education professionals to seamlessly access and interact with data from Edmentum online learning products. We’ve spent a lot of time making it amazing, and we can’t wait for you to start using it.

4.    Ease of use

December will also see the release of some exciting enhancements to the learner experience in the Plato Courseware and Edmentum Assessment products. Giving students fast and easy access to the content they need, when they need it.

5.    Efficacy

We continue to collect and analyze data to provide proof that our products do what they say they do. Whether that’s researching best practices in online learning, or making sure that we’ve articulated our products’ efficacy in ways that work for your state-approved list, Edmentum will continue documenting the success of our products so you can continue to have the peace of mind that comes from selecting a solution that works.

As you can see, we've been busy executing on our vision here at Edmentum. And the biggest part of that vision is helping you realize your vision. So, in order to capture your vision more quickly, we also launched Seehive, our brand new community where users of Edmentum products can collaborate with their peers while providing feedback to enhance the value and innovation of our products. If you're a current user, I hope you will login and vote today.

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