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Edmentum’s Vision for Common Core

Edmentum’s Vision for Common Core

The advent of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) have signaled a quantum shift in what American students are expected to learn and how educators are expected to deliver instruction.  I have heard the anticipated benefits of  CCSS compared to the impact made by No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and “New Math.” I believe both of these comparisons are true.

States, districts, and classrooms have struggled with implementation for the past three years.  As the 2014-15 introduction of Common Core assessments by PAARC and SBAC grows closer, both traditional publishers and digital providers are racing to align existing products and develop new Common Core offerings. 

So what has Edmentum done to address the Common Core? How are we helping our customers and their students? What do we plan to do over the next several years?

  • In states that have already shifted to the new curriculum standards, your products have been aligned to CCSS.  In states still moving in that direction, your products will be aligned to CCSS.
  • We have created new curriculum and courses based on the Common Core and will continue to bring you new Common Core curriculum.
  • Our standards based assessment and test preparation products offer both state and Common Core aligned versions available for a single low price intended to help students transition.
  • During the next school year, our assessments and test preparation products will have technology enhanced items, including constructed response.
  • Our Implementation and Professional Services have been expanded to provide greater value to our customers as they move toward a full implementation of Common Core assessment and standards.
  • Common Core intervention products are available and new ones will continue to be brought to market.

We have much more in development and planned for the next few years that will excite and engage both you and your students.