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Edmentum’s Vision for EdOptions Academy

Edmentum’s Vision for EdOptions Academy

Last week I was talking to a middle school math teacher about one of her students, and how he was struggling with calculating ratios and really needed more support and help. She went on to say that she had been working closely with him after the typical school day had ended, like so many teachers do! And that it meant so much to her that the student was simply adamant about learning this particular concept so he didn't get behind the "other kids".

After a few minutes of talking to her about this student, it dawned on me that she had never actually met the student face to face. The entire instruction and tutoring support she was providing was completely virtual! Now, in today's day and age, virtual instruction is becoming more and more common, but for me to not know that she was such a virtual instructor says something about two things:

  1. How amazing teachers have been in truly transforming how they approach their jobs, and what it means to be a teacher in today’s educational system.
  2. And also how seamless and second-hand the teaching and learning experience is for both students and educators. There was almost no mention of the learning tools and curriculum they were using to drive this student's personal achievement!

This example is just a small one that illustrates quite nicely how we at Edmentum approach our virtual learning solutions, namely, the EdOptions Academy. Our instructors and staff work very hard every day to ensure students are learning in a way that works for them, by using different tools, resources, time-shifts, and teaching methods to personalize the learning experience for each and every student.

At Edmentum, we are working every day to adapt ourselves to the needs of the students and best technologies to assist learning, not the other way around. We are leading the charge in driving the evolution of virtual education, and adapting to and meeting the needs of our partner schools, parents, and students who depend on us to meet the needs of their learners, regardless of learning level, grade, subject, or learner needs.

Edmentum has been helping educators drive change in student learning for decades, from online learning to preparing for high stakes tests, to helping educators individualize and personalize learning. This is the approach we take with our Virtual School offerings, and we look forward to talking with you, and meeting your individual goals.

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