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Edmentum’s Vision for Plato Courseware

Edmentum’s Vision for Plato Courseware

It’s probably not news to anyone that there continues to be widespread demand for online courses.  Nearly all school districts are looking at either launching or expanding the availability of online courses.    Latest prognostications indicate double digit growth for the foreseeable future with personalized learning, credit recovery, acceleration, blended learning, and supplemental content being the strongest growth drivers.  In light of this, Edmentum has been increasingly committed to providing new and engaging curriculum.  Just last March we delivered over 30 semesters of standards-based curriculum increasing our secondary courseware library by 17 percent, and our middle school library by 30 percent.  Most recently, we’ve released a brand new Common Core State Standards aligned Geometry course and a new World Geography course.  To say we’ve been busy releasing new and exciting courses would be an understatement, right?

Whenever I visit with educators I’m always excited to ask about how we’re doing.  Very quickly however, the conversation turns to questions about what’s next and what’s coming down the pike.  The vision for Plato Courseware includes the following:

  • More Common Core State Standard aligned courses.  Often seen as a cost effective means to obtain the rigor required by the Common Core, Edmentum already provides Common Core aligned high school and middle school courses that can be customized to meet the needs of your students.  This theme will not only continue, but will be accelerated.  Expect new courses that will provide the deepest possible alignment.
  • Increased mobile compatibility.  As my colleague Eric Swanson wrote last month, all things mobile will remain a huge emphasis for Edmentum.  We’ve been developing mobile courses for over a year now and you can expect a continued focus as we hone in on providing the optimal mobile experience to not only drive student engagement, but to meet the demands you have for using mobile technology in the classroom.
  • Data visualization.   There’s an insatiable appetite for data amongst educators!  You’re constantly making data-driven decisions and when that data isn’t right or isn’t accessible because it’s buried deep within binders full of reports it’s not really as handy as it should be.  You know what?  We have some notions that will change all that.
  • Speaking of ideas, you’ll soon be invited to participate in an innovative and exciting community of educators where you’ll be able to exchange ideas, collaborate, and ultimately contribute to the evolution of the products you’re using.   
  • New courses!  Right around the corner, coming this summer in fact, you’ll see more exciting, engaging, standards-aligned, and customizable curriculum that can be used as an effective solution to address a wide range of educational needs across the K-12 market.

Did you really expect me to come completely clean and disclose all the details of our upcoming releases?  Of course not!  We have a number of surprises coming this year and we can’t wait to unveil them.  Stay tuned!