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Edmentum’s Vision for Study Island

Edmentum’s Vision for Study Island

For over 13 years, students have used Study Island’s proven solutions to ensure they have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully progress through our education system.  In March, April, and May of 2013, more than ten million students answered more than one billion questions through Study Island.  Wow!

At Edmentum, we’re committed to keeping Study Island fully aligned to state and Common Core standards.  Study Island is also committed to giving students a testing experience that will closely emulate state specific assessments.  Study Island and Edmentum Test Packs will soon include brand-new PARCC and Smarter Balanced Assessment-aligned item types designed to promote higher-order thinking and inquiry. Based on the design employed by these new assessments, our new questions will be created using the Depth of Knowledge (DOK) guidelines, ensuring that each of the questions is written to the appropriate DOK level and that students are exposed to the appropriate content.

If your state does not transition to the Common Core, Study Island will include these items in your products as we see your state adding them to your state assessments. With the Common Core standards being such a hot topic in education right now, it’s easy to forget all the other major initiatives that are underway.  Did you know that a group of twenty-six states took part in the creation of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) that  were released less than two months ago?   This summer, Study Island will release new science courses for grades 3 to 5 including Middle School Physical Science, Life Science, and Earth & Space Science.  We will also be releasing a new high school biology course.  These new products include major advances in science as well as a deeper understanding of how students learn science.

Student engagement is integral to what has made Study Island so successful over the past 13 years.  That means engaging content like the new item types, animated lessons,  and gaming.  In addition to releasing new courses this summer, Study Island will add seven new games.  The move to mobile devices also increases engagement because now students are accessing Study Island in more ways from more places than ever before.  Did you know the main Study Island site is mobile friendly and can be fully accessed from most mobile web browsers?  Currently we have fourteen games optimized for mobile devices, with many more to come.

Moving forward, Study Island will continue to keep up with the demands of the Common Core.  New ways to look at data are on the horizon for Study Island, along with new ways to integrate products with district systems. As education continues to personalize learning to each student’s individual needs and preferences, Study Island will find ways to do the same.   With Edmentum and Study Island you will be certain to enjoy the most ground breaking advancements in online K-12 education.