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Edmentum Educator Summit Recap: Why 7 Educators Make Professional Connections A Priority

Edmentum Educator Summit Recap: Why 7 Educators Make Professional Connections A Priority

We’ve said it before—education can be an isolating situation from a professional standpoint. Which is so unfair, because the connections educators make every day with their students are so deep, so meaningful, and often, truly life changing. Educators are the keepers of so much knowledge, expertise, and creativity, but they have to work hard to share their ideas with their peers. That was what we were thinking about when we started the Edmentum Educator Network a little over a year ago, with the goal of helping to facilitate more of those critical educator-to-educator connections, on educators’ terms.

Now, with our second Edmentum Educator Summit in the books, we continue to be blown away by the magic that happens when you bring educators together. At last week’s Summit, 18 teachers, principals, special education professionals, and technology coaches met at Edmentum’s Dallas offices for two jam-packed days of presentations, conversations, brainstorming, and simply getting to know one another. Ideas flowed, challenges were shared, perspectives were challenged, and new relationships were built. It was very cool to see.

For us as an education technology company, having the opportunity to be part of these educator-led discussions is not only eye-opening, but incredibly helpful to our mission of developing technology that actually saves educators time and supports positive student outcomes. But Edmentum wasn’t the focus of the Educator Summit—the educators were. So before everyone packed their bags to head home, we wanted to know a little more about why they chose to attend. How do these conversations and relationships impact them as professionals? In short, why connect? Their answers were nothing short of inspiring. Here are just a few:

“To create a network of learners that allows for all to find their passion. It revolves around community, family, and love.”

-Kristopher Byam, Principal, Boone High School, Johnston, IA

“We all have positive and negative aspects of expertise. When we make connections with others, we not only identify the positives and negatives of ourselves, but understand the ways we can utilize our own positives and negatives and others’ positives and negatives to benefit all.”

-Kristy McIntyre, 5th Grade Teacher, Wateree Elementary School, Columbia, SC

“Connecting is like going to a spa and investing your health. It challenges, inspires, and reinvigorates your sense of purpose.”

-Mary Rapier, Lead Credit Recovery Educator, Michigan City Area Schools, Michigan City, IN

“Education is a social experience. And connections lead to innovations.”

-Zach Bost, Principal, Central Elementary School, Lucedale, MS

“I don’t know all the answers, but I can connect and find someone that does!” 

-Meagan England, Accountability Instructional Supervisor, Claiborne County Schools, Tazewell, TN

“It takes a village and my success is only measured by my ability to grow and change. Connecting with educators gives you the opportunity to learn new perspectives that inspire me to better serve my students.”

-Heather Magill, Science Teacher, Palm Spring Middle School, West Palm Beach, FL

“Building a network for sharing ideas keeps me fresh!”

-Nikki Ingram, Teacher, Kershaw County School District, Camden, SC

At Edmentum, we feel truly grateful to support educators in this very difficult, very rewarding profession. We want to extend a huge ‘thank you’ to all of the educators who attended our most recent Educator Summit and participated in our Educator Network—we’re so appreciative of your tireless hard work and dedication.

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