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Edmentum Plato Courses Receive iNACOL Standards Approval

Edmentum Plato Courses Receive iNACOL Standards Approval

Between 2014 and 2016, 158 of Plato Courseware’s online courses were reviewed by Academic Benchmarks©, the premier provider of standards data services, content development, and alignment tools to the K–12 education industry. This review was completed on behalf of iNACOL, the International Association for K-12 Online Learning, and now, we’re excited to share the outcome!

This review confirmed the quality of Edmentum courses by measuring their alignment with industry standards, specifically the iNACOL National Standards for Quality Online Courses, Version 2, which seek to ensure that all students have access to the highest-quality online learning resources available. The standards are designed to provide states, districts, online programs, and other organizations with a set of quality guidelines for online course content, instructional design, technology, student assessment, and course management.

To conduct the review, Edmentum provided Academic Benchmarks with access to Plato Courseware and Sensei, our program data dashboard. A subject matter expert (SME) was assigned to review the 158 selected courses, and the SME compared the information in them with the rubric provided by iNACOL.

With the review complete, we could not be more proud to announce that all of the courses submitted for review passed with flying colors! The results indicated that all 158 Edmentum courses reviewed met 96% or more of the 52 required criteria for iNACOL standards compliance. A total of 50 courses, including our core, Advanced Placement®, and World Language offerings, met 100% of the criteria, while our 108 elective courses met 96% of the criteria.

Third-party reviewers typically use the iNACOL National Standards for Quality Online Courses as the benchmark for their evaluations. At Edmentum, we utilize the iNACOL standards in our course design process, and we’re very happy to have the effectiveness of that process verified with the standards-alignment review and approval of these 158 courses. This approval certifies that Edmentum courses meaningfully describe and connect learning objectives, education frameworks, and learning resources to build quality products and meet district and state compliance requirements.

At Edmentum, we’re committed to providing innovative online learning solutions to help educators deliver individualized learning experiences for every student. Offering the highest-quality content is key to this commitment, which is why we’re so excited to have our courses receive iNACOL standards approval. Want to learn more about how your school or district can partner with Edmentum for effective, engaging online solutions? Check out this video to see how our online courses are being used in schools across the country!

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