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[Edmentum Podcast] Building a High Quality Virtual Program with Dave Adams

[Edmentum Podcast] Building a High Quality Virtual Program with Dave Adams

Dave Adams, former Edmentum Chief Academic Officer, comes on the show to share newly published research on building high quality academic programs. From re-imagining stakeholder roles to teacher communities, this research dives into the most important elements of successful virtual programs, and serves as a model for districts and school around the globe.

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Check out the research on

Executive Summary: Building High-Quality Sustainable Virtual Programs

Elementary Students and Virtual Learning: Evidence-Based Outcomes and Best Practices

Scaling Effective Virtual Teaching Practices: Equipping and Supporting Teachers for Success

Equity in Virtual Learning: Improving Outcomes for Diverse Populations

Virtual Learning and Rural Schools: Improving Access and Opportunity for Learners in Rural Communities

High Academic Achievement in a Virtual and Blended Learning Environment

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David Cicero

David has worked in education for 14 years. He has spent the last 6 years in the education technology industry and is currently working as an Educational Programs Consultant. As a trusted advisor and education technology advocate he has helped countless districts and schools successfully integrate technology. David holds a B.A. in Mathematics from Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas and a M.A. in Teaching from Northern Arizona University.