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Edmentum’s Top Educator Resources of 2021

Edmentum’s Top Educator Resources of 2021

At Edmentum, we work hard to make sure we have handy, relevant, and well-made resources to offer educators. So far this year, we created more than 34 live webinars; more than 350 blog posts; countless printable resources; 13 podcasts; and more! Check out our roundup of the most popular webinars, free classroom resources, and podcasts.


At Edmentum, we hold monthly webinars around best practices with our products and trending topics in education. Here are the most-watched Edmentum webinars of 2021! Don’t forget to check out our complete listing of webinars here.

Summer Virtual and Blended Learning with Edmentum

In this recorded webinar, learn best practices for planning a virtual and blended summer program, and learn about the range of instructional services that Edmentum offers to help you build a summer program that meets the needs of all of your students.

[Educator Panel] How to Motivate Learning through Exact Path Contests

This school year looks different for all involved. The way you engage your students to do their very best should, too! Watch this OnDemand webinar with a panel of star educators who share their top tips for boosting student motivation and engagement through Exact Path contests.

The Education Funding Landscape: Stimulus and Beyond

Watch this OnDemand webinar to learn more about the latest stimulus packages and explain what this new funding means for school reopening, learning loss, and your school district.

Accelerate Unfinished Learning with a Double-Dose Model

It’s time to focus on accelerating all students toward grade-level mastery! In this webinar, we unpack the latest research on acceleration approaches and discover how you can employ a double-dose model for a combined approach that prioritizes both proficiency and growth.

Quick Solves and Tech Tips for Quarantine Success

The reality is that students are going into quarantine daily, which means it’s time to employ triage and tactical solves that ensure learning continues. For this webinar, we focused on technology tips to quash quarantine worries.

If you’re looking for more webinars, be sure to check out the Edmentum Events Page!


In the Edmentum Podcast, Edmentum Educational Programs Consultant and host David Cicero sits down with experts in the education field to discuss trending topics that matter most to you. Our podcast can be found on your favorite streaming platforms—including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Amazon Music—episodes make for a great listen as you’re getting some work done. If you like what you hear, be sure to leave us a good review and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

Check out our most popular episodes of 2021:

[Podcast for Families Series] Effective Home Learning in 30-Minute Chunks

Many families with students learning from home have discovered that the traditional school day schedule doesn’t always work when students are at the kitchen table instead of the classroom. But that’s not a bad thing by any means. Dr. Elizabeth Davis, education veteran and online learning instructional leader for Edmentum, talks to us about how we can take advantage of learning in the home environment and utilize the 30-minute chunks for effective instruction.

Mental Health During COVID-19 with Andrew Baxter

In this episode, David Cicero and Andrew Baxter discuss student mental health in the wake of COVID-19, along with best practices that you can use to support your students.

[Podcast for Families Series] Boost Your Child's Memory and Impulse Control

It’s not always easy to get your child to concentrate on what they are learning, or to teach them something in a way that really sticks. Turns out the key may have to do with developing executive functioning skills. Jen Perry, Edmentum’s learning designer for social-emotional learning, explains how executive functioning skills play in learning, and how to help your student sharpen and develop their skills to improve memory and impulse control.

How Teaching Is Changing and How to Survive with Dr. Troy Podell

In this episode, David Cicero and Dr. Troy Podell analyze the role of the teacher, examine how it is changing, and identify key skills that will be invaluable over the next 10 years.

[Podcast for Families Series] No Yelling Discipline

Yelling is a typical human response when we feel frustrated or anxious, but every adult knows it’s not the best strategy when it comes to children. In this minisode, Jen Perry chats with us on why yelling doesn’t work, and offers some better strategies to deal with behavior management at home.

Free Printable Resources:

We’re always trying to create fun resources that help educators lesson plan, get organized, and keep students engaged in and out of the classroom. Here are the top most downloaded Edmentum Teacher Resources of 2021, but there’s so much more, so don’t forget to check out our 2021-2021 School Calendar, Tracking Bookmarks, and Recognition Certificates!

Edmentum’s Worksheet Bundles

Always a teacher favorite, these K-12 grade-specific worksheet bundles include a variety of math, language arts, and reading and literacy activities from our beloved online programs. We also have a Spanish Edition for your K-8 students.

Topical Classroom Activity Packs

These K-6 classroom resource packets are stuffed with teaching resources and activities that focus on individual special days, holidays, and celebratory months throughout the year. From Black History Month to Earth Day, each pack is bound to keep your students engaged with fun fact sheets, critical thinking questions, and more!

Edmentum’s Organization & Wellness Planners

Being organized and having a well-planned schedule are keys to success. These templates will help you keep yourself, your students, and their families on track and in the know.

Edmentum Brain Game

Perfect for content review, th/e Edmentum Brain Game is an easy and fun, descriptive game that puts an interactive twist on flashcard review. We offer variety of elementary and secondary packs that cover U.S. capitals to ACT/SAT vocabulary, and bonus holiday packs.

If you’re looking for additional printable materials like these, be sure to check out the Edmentum Teacher Resource Page, our one-stop shop for access to all our free educator resources and more!

Getting Started Resources:

Are you new to Edmentum’s products, or do you just want a refresher on some of the basic how-to tips? Then look, no further than our getting started pages! Full of helpful tips, guides, and videos, they will get you up and running in Edmentum’s products in no time.

What an incredible year! Be sure to stay up to date on all of the resources we create here at Edmentum, keeping informed as they are released by subscribing to the Edmentum blog!'s picture
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