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Edmentum’s Top Educator Resources of 2022

Edmentum’s Top Educator Resources of 2022

At Edmentum, we work hard to make sure we have handy, relevant, and well-made resources to offer educators. So far this year, we created more than 32 live webinars; more than 260 blog posts; countless printable resources; 9 podcasts; and more! Check out our roundup of the most popular webinars, free classroom resources, and podcasts.


At Edmentum, we hold monthly webinars around best practices with our products and trending topics in education. Here are the most-watched Edmentum webinars of 2022! Don’t forget to check out our complete listing of webinars here.

Equity Reform: Policies, Curriculum, and Access

This is a must-watch video for anyone who's investing in the challenge of equal access and quality of learning for all students. Our experts, Shomari Jones and Kerrie Torres, discuss the importance of laying the groundwork to define equity for your school or district.

Teacher Recruitment and Retention

One of the big takeaways from this summer webinar came from Kelly Coash-Johnson, Executive Director of the American Association of School Personnel Administrators. Her motto, "Retention is the new recruitment." highlights the value of the teachers you have versus hiring new ones. Exit interviews, engaging staff, and working with community partners were a few of the solutions our panelists shared.

Best Practices for Pivoting to Virtual Learning

Event number three in our annual countdown takes us all the way back to January. We shared some top considerations for implementing a virtual learning program. Check out our Admin Guide for Virtual Learning, too!

The Power of High-Dosage Tutoring

In this event, panelists Susanna Loeb  (Dir. Of the Annenberg Institute and Professor of Education at Brown University) and Ryan Hughes (Exec. Dir. of TN Alliance of Boys and Girls Clubs) examined the best practices for tutoring including becoming a mentor for strong relationships, prioritizing stakeholder collaboration, and how to build long-term programs.

Durable Skills: Preparing Students for the Future of Work

How are education and career skills evolving? Durable skills are 7 of the 10 most requested job skills and lack of durable skills are the most common reason to lose a job. Different from fast-paced technical skills, durable skills like communication and leadership endure. Dig into the future of CTE with panelists: Tim Taylor, Co-founder and President of America Succeeds, Tom Burton, Supt. at Princeton City Schools (Ohio), and Dr. Mary Cooke, Curriculum Director at Harvard Community Unit School District (Illinois).

Bonus: We have one more 2022 educator discussion coming! On Dec. 14, we'll help you navigate edtech options and offer solutions for implementation and system management with Erin Mote of Project Unicorn and Edmentum CTO Paul Johansen. Reserve your seat here.


In the Edmentum Podcast, Edmentum Educational Programs Consultant and host David Cicero sits down with experts in the education field to discuss trending topics that matter most to you. Our podcast can be found on your favorite streaming platforms—including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Amazon Music—episodes make for a great listen as you’re getting some work done. If you like what you hear, be sure to leave us a good review and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

Check out our most popular episodes of 2022:

E29: Realizing the Promise of Special Education with Elizabeth Hickey Orme

David sits down with Special Education leader, innovator, and CEO of Creatively Focused, Elizabeth Hickey Orme to uncover the enormous challenges facing Special Education teachers and students, and how tapping in to their "super powers" is the key to professional and academic fulfillment.

E28: A Human-Centered Vision for Quality Virtual Learning with Amanda Kocon

There’s little doubt that virtual learning will play a prominent role in the future of education. What is less clear is exactly what that role is and the essentials for success.

In light of the whitepaper from Whiteboard Advisor and Edmentum, A Human-Centered Vision for Quality Virtual Learning, David sits down with Edmentum's Chief Strategy Officer, Amanda Kocon, to talk about leading all education stakeholders towards a human-centered model and to dig into how this new paradigm will contribute to the evolution of teaching and learning.

E24: Building a High Quality Virtual Program with Dave Adams

Dave Adams, former Edmentum Chief Academic Officer, comes on the show to share insights on recently published research on building high quality academic programs. From re-imagining stakeholder roles to teacher communities, this research dives into the most important elements of successful virtual programs and serves as a model for districts and school around the globe.

E25: Mentoring to Maximize Virtual Instructor Success

What strategies are you using to overcome the challenges of virtual instruction? EdOptions Academy's Interim Leader of Student and Teacher Services, Nichole Bansberg and Instructional Coach/Mentor, Diane McRandal, come on to talk about how purposeful mentoring and coaching fuels virtual school program success by cultivating stakeholder connections. 

E23: It's Time to Look Forward to Virtual Learning

Continuation instruction, nuclear footballs, and "fenergy." Dr. Troy Podell returns to the Edmentum Podcast to help answer the question: What can educators do to feel excitement, instead of uncertainty, when it's time to switch to virtual learning?

Listen to the most recent episodes here, or where ever you listen to podcasts: 

Free Printable Resources:

We’re always trying to create fun resources that help educators lesson plan, get organized, and keep students engaged in and out of the classroom. Here are the top most downloaded Edmentum Teacher Resources of 2022, but there’s so much more, so don’t forget to check out our Topical Classroom ResourcesTracking Bookmarks, and Recognition Certificates!

Sticky Note Template

Check out these sticky note templates for to-dos, reminders, encouragement, gathering student feedback, positive notes to students, reminders on papers, or just for you!

Simply print out the printing guide, place your sticky notes, put the sheet back into the printer, and then print off the template.

Edmentum Brain Game

Perfect for content review, the Edmentum Brain Game is an easy and fun, descriptive game that puts an interactive twist on flashcard review. We offer variety of elementary and secondary packs that cover U.S. capitals to ACT/SAT vocabulary, and bonus holiday packs.

Winter Writing Prompts

We know how important it is to keep your students engaged over winter break. With this in mind, we wanted to help busy educators by creating a fun and meaningful way to keep students writing while they are out of school. These simple winter-themed writing prompts can help you give your students something creative to work on over the holiday season and keep their writing skills sharp!

Downloadable Bingo

These bingo cards are perfect for printing and playing or sharing on your favorite social media, and have multiple themes and grade levels to chose from.

Edmentum’s Worksheet Bundles

Always a teacher favorite, these K-12 grade-specific worksheet bundles include a variety of math, language arts, and reading and literacy activities from our beloved online programs. We also have a Spanish Edition for your K-8 students.

Edmentum’s Organization & Wellness Planners

Being organized and having a well-planned schedule are keys to success. These templates will help you keep yourself, your students, and their families on track and in the know.

If you’re looking for additional printable materials like these, be sure to check out the Edmentum Teacher Resource Page, our one-stop shop for access to all our free educator resources and more!

Toolkits for Teachers and Administrators:

Educators know there is a lot of careful thought and planning that goes into keeping a school building up a running—before, during, and after the school year! To help educator and administrators alike, Edmentum has put together several carefully assembled toolkits with our best resources on the topics that matter most to you. Take a look at our top toolkits from 2022:

Student Growth Toolkit

Now more than ever administrators need the best tools and resources to ensure students are growing, accelerating, and meeting grade level expectations. That is why we put together our growth toolkit to empower you to build the best programs for your students.

Test Prep Toolkit

Put a fool-proof plan together this testing season to spot any blind spots and prepare students to successfully show what they know. Check out our free guides, blogs, and downloadables to prepare with confidence.

Summer Planning & Success Toolkit

Augment your in-person (and virtual) summer school plans with helpful resources, blogs, and worksheets aligned to your specific summer goals.

Educator Success Toolkit

Free guides, blogs, and worksheets to help educators to accelerate growth for all students.

Hybrid and Virtual Learning Success Kit

Our best tools and resources to help make sure you and your students will be successful with your virtual, hybrid or blended learning program.

What an incredible year! Be sure to stay up to date on all of the resources we create here at Edmentum, keeping informed as they are released by subscribing to the Edmentum blog!