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Edmentum's Roadmap for Common Core

Edmentum's Roadmap for Common Core

It is hard to believe that today the Common Core State Standards have been implemented in the classrooms of more than forty-five states.  In 2009, the Common Core State Standards Initiative began its quest and four short years later it has had the largest impact of any initiative in the history of public education in the United States.  Over the past four years, print and digital education publishers have worked hard to support the classroom’s transition from existing state standards to Common Core State Standards.  Edmentum has aligned existing products, developed Crosswalks to highlight how your state standards align with Common Core and developed products written specifically for Common Core State Standards.  Every Edmentum product for the forty-five plus states that have adopted the Common Core State Standards is developed to support the spirit and demands of Common Core. 

Edmentum has invested heavily over the past few years in Common Core products.  It will do so in the coming year’s product Roadmap as well.  In the coming weeks this blog will highlight individual product Roadmaps, but here is a thread of Common Core initiatives woven through our product Roadmap for 2014:

  • Plato Courseware’s high school and middle school courses will be rewritten to Common Core standards;
  • Study Island products will not only include technology enhanced items, but also any state specific changes to Common Core, traditional and integrated high school math sequences, and updated Benchmark assessments;
  • New Common Core Test Pack assessments with technology enhanced items and prescriptions into Common Core material; and
  • More Common Core activities in EducationCity.

All this Common Core activity does not mean we aren’t paying attention to non-Common Core states or subjects.  We work hard to exceed our customer’s expectations in each state and across subjects. Individual product Roadmaps will present you with specifics.

If you are looking for Common Core ready products, products that will help you implement the new standards in your district, school or classroom, look no farther.  Edmentum has and will continue to support your Common Core needs.