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Edmentum's Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015

Edmentum's Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015

Another year is coming to a close, and educators and students are kicking off winter break. At Edmentum, 2015 has been an incredible year of deepening partnerships with schools and educators across the country. We know how hard all educators work, and we’ve heard some incredible stories to prove it (like those from Ernest Righetti High School and Muhlenberg North Middle School). That’s why we love what we do at Edmentum—we have the opportunity every day to do our best to create useful resources to support all of the outstanding educators out there!

So, as we reflect on 2015, we wanted to take time to look back on some of our most popular blog posts from this year. We hope that these posts lead you to more than a few nuggets of helpful information and ideas!

1. [10 Classroom Tips] Improve Test Scores

High-stakes testing can be stressful for both students and educators. Make sure that your students are prepared for success with these 10 tips.

2. Marzano 13 Teaching Best Practices

Educational technology is a very promising but also a very young field, and everyone—educators, developers, and students alike—is still learning how best to use these tools to provide effective, individualized instruction. Marzano Research conducted a study of best practices using Edmentum solutions to uncover 13 strategies that educators can use to make the most of online tools.

3. [6 Tips] Effective Intervention Programs

Having an outstanding intervention program is a necessity for identifying struggling students and helping them get back on track academically. Here are six best practices to implement the most effective strategies and make the most of available tools.

4. [6 Tips] Budgeting for Next Year

Budgeting and classroom funding are always top of mind for educators, and planning for technology needs and initiatives is becoming increasingly important. Here are six tips to help you make the most of your edtech dollars.

5. [Reading Month] FREE Classroom Resources

National Reading Month is observed every March. To help teachers celebrate in the classroom, we put together some of our favorite downloadable activities from our early literacy solutions, Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress!

6. GED, TASC, or HiSET? Which One Is Better for You?

The GED®, TASC™, and HiSET® exams are three different options available for learners looking to earn their high school equivalency credentials. Each exam has unique features, and not all three are recognized in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. We’ve done the research to compare the three tests to help learners determine which option best meets their unique needs.

7. 7 Back-to-School Tips for Parents

Parents and other caregivers may not be the ones heading back to the classroom when back-to-school time rolls around, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have just as much to think about and prepare for as students! We put together seven tips to help parents stay organized and make sure that their child’s transition to a new school year is a smooth one.

8. 4 Steps to Design Your Own Test-Preparation Boot Camp

With ever-evolving standards and the introduction of technology-enhanced testing, the weeks leading up to state tests can feel like a sprint for educators as they work to make sure that students have learned all of the necessary material. Here are four strategies to help you and your students get the most out of the time leading up to state tests.

9. Summer Reading Take-Home Kit

Educators work hard throughout the school year to improve students’ literacy skills. We put together these engaging, downloadable reading activities to send home with students to help ensure that they will continue reading even after they’ve left the classroom!

10. Preparing Students for Next-Generation Assessments

Students need to be prepared for increased content rigor on next-generation assessments—but being prepared for the technical aspects of online assessments is also key. We put together four tips to help you make sure that students are ready for the digital environment of new online tests.

Cheers to an incredible 2015, educators! We can’t wait to see what new ideas, achievements, opportunities, and challenges come with 2016!