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Edmentum's Vision for Intervention Solutions

Edmentum's Vision for Intervention Solutions

While we may just be getting started in the new calendar year, it's likely educators are hard at work nearing the halfway point of the school year. For many, this means evaluation through a midyear check-in and determination of what changes can be implemented to ensure the most success come summer. For others, it means continuing to make the small changes and adjustments as have been made throughout the school year with the same goal in mind. No matter one’s style, it's important to evaluate what's working and what's not and to build a plan toward spring success.

The goal of Edmentum's intervention solution is to build a comprehensive set of tools  to aid in these progress checks and planning, leading to improved student achievement. As we look out this year, our focus is to provide educators with products that fit into their programs and classrooms and offer assessment-driven intervention based on individual student needs.

Over the last year, we were committed to keeping up with the constant change in standards driven by the Common Core, other newly defined state standards, and online assessments. Technology-enhanced item types became a regular part of our (and educators’) assessments, introducing students to these new question formats in a lower-stakes environment than end-of-year exams. We created new Test Packs to provide prescriptions for curriculum based on the Smarter Balanced and PARCC exams and to be aligned generally to the Common Core State Standards. Our commitment this year is to continue offering enhanced intervention solutions to support changes in states that are not using consortia exams, as well as to cover those that are.

Actionable data was also a focus for Edmentum throughout 2014, and it continues to be in 2015. As teachers and administrators look for data to drive instruction and program planning, it's essential that our intervention solutions provide them with visibility into student progress. A new part of the product which really is resonating is Edmentum Sensei for Families. Offering progress data on an individual student brings the student’s family into the network of support. Combining this with Sensei for teachers, and new high-level administrative views, we are able to help create a documented, supportive network around students who need intervention.

I'm excited to share more information about our intervention enhancements as the year progresses. In 2015, our commitment will be to align products to changing standards and new assessments, with a goal of offering educators data that can be used to support their students. Whether it’s time for a midyear check-in or an ongoing evaluation, Edmentum's intervention solutions will support educators in evaluating success and creating a plan for each individual student.