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Edmentum's Vision for Plato Courseware

Edmentum's Vision for Plato Courseware

When I visit customers, I often get asked some version of the questions, "What is the vision for the future of Plato Courseware? Where is it going, and what new courses or features are you adding next?" To help answer these questions, I’m sharing our vision for the product in this blog post. I aim to provide a glimpse into our plans for the future of our Plato Courseware product to ensure that it continues to meet and exceed the expectations of our users.

Edmentum has one inspiring goal that guides our vision for Plato Courseware: Empower educators to help all students achieve their learning goals through our online courseware. We work toward this goal by offering flexible, quality curriculum and technology to allow for customized solutions that fit each district’s unique situation.

Our focus on educator empowerment is what separates Plato Courseware from other products similar to it and will continue to make it stand out. We strive to provide educators with the resources and support they need to make efficient and effective decisions about their students. This includes courses built to standards, enhanced user experiences, and easy-to-use data and reporting.

As we look toward enhancing our courses for the next school year, we are focused on three guiding principles that will help ensure success for our customers: 

  1. Technology must meet educators where they are and answer questions before they are asked. We don’t want users to waste valuable classroom time hunting to find what they need. To prevent this, we will be evolving the Plato Courseware solution with enhanced workflows that assist teachers in personalizing learning plans for each student and each class. 
  2. All educators should have smart and intuitive access to actionable data. Offering this to all users within our products is a priority. I strongly believe that by giving all users actionable data, we create a sense of shared responsibility. If we can design our products to easily tell a story with student data, goals can be identified more easily, and educators will be able to create learning paths to success for all students. 
  3. When it comes to curriculum, we strive to provide the widest, most comprehensive set of courses and learning objectives available to support educators as they work with their students to direct and drive learning experiences. These activities and assessments must cover the entire learning spectrum and meet the needs of all students, whether they are advanced, in need of remediation, or learning in a nontraditional environment.

Over the next year, you are going to see amazing updates to our products. I can't wait to get into the specifics as each of these great enhancements and new product launches occur, so stay tuned to the blog for more information! You can also learn more about our online courseware solutions here.