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[EdNews Round Up Update] COVID-19 and Education Impacts IV

[EdNews Round Up Update] COVID-19 and Education Impacts IV

No one knows better than educators about the importance of staying up-to-date. The spread of COVID-19, or coronavirus, has had major impacts across the U.S., including the closure of many schools and districts nationwide. We stand with you, focused on building school around the student, especially during times where access to quality instruction is restricted. We continue to actively monitoring the situation and have a dedicated team in place to help us better respond to the needs of educators and students however we can. In these situations, online learning is more relevant and important than ever, and we want to help so that you can continue to feel supported as you meet your learners' academic needs.

In this special edition of Edmentum’s News Round Up, you’ll find the latest news we have gathered pertaining to COVID-19 and the impact on U.S. education. Of course, you can find the latest updates and data on COVID-19 on the Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization websites as well as helpful resources. 

Map: Coronavirus and School Closures
The coronavirus pandemic has forced widespread school closures in the United States in an unprecedented disruption of K-12 schooling. Use the map below to see state-level information about school closures.

States Suspend Testing as Schools Close
The Associated Press
Several states have canceled standardized testing for this academic year as they face school closures that could last weeks or months. The tests were scheduled to begin in early April in many states.

Staying in Touch: Why Kids Need Teachers During Coronavirus School Closings
While some schools around the country have initiated online instruction in response to the coronavirus outbreak, Penn Manor School District where Raff teaches in central Pennsylvania, is one of many districts that has not done so because of challenges in providing distance learning for all students.

School Finance Expert Warns District Leaders to Prepare for ‘Major Financial Upheaval’ From Pandemic
The 74
With a recession on the way, states and localities could be making severe cuts to public education over the next year — and many leaders don’t seem to realize it yet.

States with Pandemic Planning Laws
U.S.  News
With more schools closing as the coronavirus spreads, nearly every state has laws that allow for pandemic response planning, a recent report finds.

Coronavirus Relief Package Offers Up More Than $30 Billion For Education
The U.S. Senate's $2 trillion coronavirus relief package includes more than $30 billion for education, with more than $14 billion for colleges and universities and at least $13.5 billion for the nation's K-12 schools.

What Should Schools Do to Help ‘Flatten the Curve’ in Fighting Coronavirus? A Lot of What They’re Already Doing
The 74
The past week brought an unprecedented set of actions designed to “flatten the curve” in the fight against the novel coronavirus COVID-19. Understanding the urgency requires understanding the natural trajectory of the spread of any infectious disease.

Flood of Online Learning Resources Overwhelms Teachers
Teachers are overwhelmed by the flood of online educational resources on social media since schools across the country began a rapid and unexpected transition to remote learning in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Helping kids who are feeling isolated and anxious after schools shut down
The Hechinger Report
Experts suggest finding other ways to connect, including video conferences and even snail mail.

Detroit math teacher’s bedtime stories soothe students during the school shutdown
Every night, Voncile Campbell transforms into a new fantasy character. A little boy hunting for treasure with pirates. An owl playing with a fox. A teddy bear king who can’t fall asleep.

During Pandemic, Unions Continue to Advocate for Educators and Students
As COVID-19 continues to upend public education across the U.S., compelling teachers, faculty, education support professionals (ESPs), and other educators to provide online lessons, technical support, mobile food deliveries and more, NEA-affiliated local and state unions are making sure their members are supported and safe.

District leader says let teachers innovate online
District Administration
With schools closed and shifting to online education due to the coronavirus, some superintendents are not scripting or dictating how teachers deliver virtual instruction.

14 Tips For Helping Students With Limited Internet Have Distance Learning
Schools across the nation are closing in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 and in the scramble to provide at-home learning, a major problem has risen to the forefront: millions of American students don’t have reliable access to the internet.

Apps for Students With Special Needs—As School Buildings Shutter
The coronavirus creates a unique challenge for students with special needs—educators share recommendations for apps to support learning at home.

If you are concerned about your students being able to access quality instruction and resources for an extended period of time, please stay tuned as we announce upcoming webinars in the coming weeks to learn more about how Edmentum can help support you and your students.

We have also developed a number of free K-12 e-learning resources that are available to you, designed to help as you plan, and in the unfortunate event that your school or district closes. These resources include math, language arts, science, reading and literacy activities from a variety of our online programs, video lessons, access to program specific resources, school closure best practices, live and on demand webinars, and more.