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[EdNews Round Up Update] COVID-19 and Education Impacts IX

[EdNews Round Up Update] COVID-19 and Education Impacts IX

No one knows better than educators about the importance of staying up-to-date. The spread of COVID-19, or coronavirus, has had major impacts across the U.S., including the closure of most schools and districts nationwide. We stand with you, focused on building school around the student, especially during times where access to quality instruction is restricted. We continue to actively monitor the situation and have a dedicated team in place to help us better respond to the needs of educators and students however we can. In these situations, online learning is more relevant and important than ever, and we want to help so that you can continue to feel supported as you meet your learners' academic needs.

In this week’s edition of Edmentum’s EdNews Round Up, you’ll find the latest news we have gathered pertaining to COVID-19 and the impact on U.S. education. Of course, you can find the latest updates and data on COVID-19 on the Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization websites as well as helpful resources. 

Map: Coronavirus and School Closures
The coronavirus pandemic has forced widespread school closures in the United States in an unprecedented disruption of K-12 schooling. Use the map below to see state-level information about school closures.

Survey: Teachers favor moving on to next year's content in the fall
Education Dive
Administrators, however, are more supportive of picking up instruction where it left off when school closures began.

Teachers Union Blasts Trump, Lays Out Plan for Reopening SchoolsU.S. News
The American Federation blasts President Trump’s comments encouraging governors to consider reopening schools.

DeVos To Use Coronavirus Relief Funds For Home Schooling 'Microgrants'
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is a longtime advocate of alternatives to public schools, including home schooling. The secretary has also created a grant for work-based learning programs.

Elite colleges rejected coronavirus aid. How will the Ed Dept reallocate it?
Education Dive
While federal officials pressured wealthy institutions to turn down their share of CARES funding, they haven’t come up with a way yet to get the money to schools that need it.

Why some schools are ending the year early
District Administration
Shift online 'has created an extra burden and extra stress,' one superintendent says

With decisions coming due, sleepless high school seniors worry college may not be worth it
The Hechinger Report
If traditional campus life is upended, seniors ponder: “Should I stay or should I go now?”

Here's How Many Teaching Jobs Could Be Lost in Each State in a COVID-19 Recession
Almost 320,000 teaching jobs could be lost if states cut their education budgets by 15 percent in a coronavirus-inflicted recession, a new analysis has found.

Pandemic-induced trauma, stress leading to 'uptick' in SEL need
Education Dive
Students and staff will return to school with collective trauma, higher anxiety levels and more stress after dealing with everything from child abuse and neglect to unemployment and loss of life.

Edmentum Cares

If you are concerned about your students being able to access quality instruction and resources for an extended period of time, we are committed to helping you by providing free access to high quality curriculum, assessment, and educational services through the remainder of the school year. The Edmentum Capacity Assistance Program (E-CAP) helps ensure that teachers can continue teaching and students can continue learning during school closures. Together, we’ll work with you to tailor an implementation plan that establishes the best learning environment for your school or district and sets your teachers up for success in virtual instruction. 

We have also developed a number of free K-12 e-learning resources that are available to you, designed to help as you plan, and in the unfortunate event that your school or district closes. These resources include math, language arts, science, reading and literacy activities from a variety of our online programs, video lessons, access to program specific resources, school closure best practices, live and on demand webinars, and more.