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[EdNews Round Up Update] COVID-19 and Education Impacts V

[EdNews Round Up Update] COVID-19 and Education Impacts V

No one knows better than educators about the importance of staying up-to-date. The spread of COVID-19, or coronavirus, has had major impacts across the U.S., including the closure of schools and districts nationwide. We stand with you, focused on building school around the student, especially during times where access to quality instruction is restricted. We continue to actively monitor the situation and have a dedicated team in place to help us better respond to the needs of educators and students however we can. 

In this special edition of Edmentum’s News Round Up, you’ll find the latest news we have gathered pertaining to COVID-19 and the impact on U.S. education. Of course, you can find the latest updates and data on COVID-19 on the Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization websites as well as helpful resources. 

Map: Coronavirus and School Closures
The coronavirus pandemic has forced widespread school closures in the United States in an unprecedented disruption of K-12 schooling. Use the map below to see state-level information about school closures.

Colleges Go Test-Optional After SAT, ACT Are Called Off
In mid-March, as schools across the country began to close, aspiring college students got big news: Spring ACT and SAT tests were being called off amid concerns about the spreading coronavirus.

States ease high school graduation requirements as coronavirus closures extend
Education Dive
More states are offering flexibilities around elective and even core credits to ensure seniors get their diplomas and move on to college despite closures.

Virtual Education Dilemma: Scheduled Classroom Instruction vs. Anytime Learning
With schools shut down across America, K-12 teachers faced with a question many likely thought they'd never have to ask: When and how often during the school day do my students need to see me?

Many Schools Are Not Providing Any Instruction Amid Closures
U.S.  News
With schools closed more than 55 million children across the country – and shuttered for the rest of the academic year in seven states – school district leaders are scrambling to establish some kind of distance learning routine.

PE Teacher Tips on Staying Active During School Closures
NEA Today
Stress and anxiety have spiked as cases of coronavirus surge but there are ways to maintain a sense of control and calm in an uncontrollable, uncertain time – keep social distancing practices, get lots of rest and stay physically active, health experts advise.

What Should Schools Do to Help ‘Flatten the Curve’ in Fighting Coronavirus? A Lot of What They’re Already Doing
The 74
The past week brought an unprecedented set of actions designed to “flatten the curve” in the fight against the novel coronavirus COVID-19. Understanding the urgency requires understanding the natural trajectory of the spread of any infectious disease.

Locked Out of the Virtual Classroom
The New York Times
The coronavirus pandemic has forced a nationwide reckoning with the lack of internet connectivity and devices for students.

District Leaders Says Let Teachers Innovate Online
District Administration
With schools closed and shifting to online education due to the coronavirus, some superintendents are not scripting or dictating how teachers deliver virtual instruction.

Ready for what? Postsecondary data on school report cards remains mixed bag
Education Dive
The Every Student Succeeds Act expects states to report college enrollment data when available. Which ones provide the most information on their graduates?

With Schools Closed, Kids With Disabilities Are More Vulnerable Than Ever
As the vast majority of schools in the U.S. have transitioned from the classroom to the computer — teachers and administrators have struggled to offer learning to special needs students.

The Lost Senior Year: Credits, Proms, Sports All in Jeopardy
Seniors at Chalmette High School in Louisiana are anxious about what will happen with the rest of the academic year, now that schools are closed.

Educators: Stimulus Not Nearly Enough to Save Schools
U.S. News
The country's public school and higher education systems netted nearly $31 billion combined in the $2 trillion stimulus the House passed Friday to combat the economic repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic – an amount stakeholders say is hardly sufficient to bolster the financial crises they face.

What Will It Take For Schools To Reopen?
The closure of schools due to COVID-19 has created a frenzy of activity as school systems scramble to feed students, give them work packets, get them online, and provide virtual resources. This is all necessary and appropriate, as school leaders struggle to deal with the immediate crisis.

The Edmentum Capacity Assistance Program

If you are concerned about your students being able to access quality instruction and resources for an extended period of time, we are committed to helping you by providing free access to high quality curriculum, assessment, and educational services through the remainder of the school year. The Edmentum Capacity Assistance Program (E-CAP) helps ensure that teachers can continue teaching and students can continue learning during school closures. Together, we’ll work with you to tailor an implementation plan that establishes the best learning environment for your school or district and sets your teachers up for success in virtual instruction. 

We have also developed a number of free K-12 e-learning resources that are available to you, designed to help as you plan, including math, language arts, science, reading and literacy activities from a variety of our online programs, video lessons, access to program specific resources, school closure best practices, live and on demand webinars, and more.