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[EdOptions Academy] Building Strong Student-Teacher Relationships in Online Courses

[EdOptions Academy] Building Strong Student-Teacher Relationships in Online Courses

As an Education Consultant for Edmentum’s EdOptions Academy, I have the pleasure of working with administrators all over the U.S. using Edmentum’s virtual courses every day. Through these interactions, I learn about so many successful virtual programs. It is exciting to hear all the different ways that public schools, charter schools, youth rehab facilities, and private college prep academies are implementing virtual courses to expand opportunities and horizons for today’s students.  

Before these implementations ever take place, I talk at length with administrators that want to know if EdOptions Academy is the right solution for their school or organization. These conversations always start with the most important question, “What will EdOptions Academy teachers do for our students?” The answer is that they do everything that traditional classroom teachers do! Our EdOptions Academy teachers engage their students. They motivate their students. And most importantly, they care for their students. Watch this interview with Kelli Norwood, EdOptions Academy Instructional Leader, to get an insider perspective on what a day looks like in the life of an online teacher. 

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Misty Jacobs

Misty Jacobs is an Education Consultant for EdOptions Academy. She spent ten years in the classroom as a secondary English/Language Arts teacher, English Department Chair, and Curriculum and Assessment Writer. Misty earned a B.A. in English from the University of Texas and remains a Texas certified teacher.