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[Educator Inspiration] Quotes from EdOptions Academy Teachers

[Educator Inspiration] Quotes from EdOptions Academy Teachers

At Edmentum, we couldn’t be more honored to work with amazing teachers from across the country. Did you know that Edmentum also employs roughly 200 teachers of our own through our fully accredited virtual school program, EdOptions Academy? Teachers are responsible for educating our youth (our future!), demonstrating patience and resilience, and providing them with support and guidance on their academic journeys, which is why it is one of the most important jobs in our society.  

We recently asked some of our EdOptions Academy teachers to share why they love teaching and education.

Kimberly Moneypenny – Teacher

Reaching out to students in the virtual world can be a challenge, but with a rigorous, yet engaging, curriculum; a commitment to recognizing each student as an individual; and the support and mentoring of our instructional leaders, it all seems to come together in a highly rewarding manner. Why did I choose to continue my career at Edmentum? The real question should be, “Why not?”

Ashley Allbritton – Teacher

Since we are in a digital era, I think the students love the opportunity to text whenever they are struggling with a lesson. A text response allows students to receive an immediate response as if they were in a classroom setting. Students must have the feeling that, on the other end of the computer, there is a real teacher who cares about their future.

Kelly Norwood – Instructional Lead

Teaching is about believing—believing all your students can [succeed] and doing whatever it takes to guide and encourage them. One of the most rewarding aspects of teaching is when you see, hear, or read when the light bulb goes off for students when they finally understand something. Also [rewarding is] when students come back to thank you for changing their life—for believing in them. I love watching the growth of students in my classrooms—seeing where they are when the course starts and how far they come by the end of the course.

LeeAnn Doss – Teacher

I am a teacher because I am not afraid to work hard. I have taught over 20,000 students in person and online over my 32 years (I really counted!). I have been able to share my love of art with all of those students. Some of them have careers where they can use this love of art and creativity.

To all teachers, we thank you and applaud you; we have so much respect for what you do. You have the important job of educating the next generation, which is something to be extremely proud of. Never forget the impact that you have on students every day!