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[Educator Network] June 2021 Round Up

[Educator Network] June 2021 Round Up

Education is a demanding career—having the right people around you can make all the difference. That’s why the Edmentum Educator Network is more than a personal learning network—it's a sounding board, a think-tank, a therapy outlet, and a group of friends. By joining the Network, you can find your people, no matter what your role in education.

Each month, members of the Edmentum Educator Network receive an exclusive newsletter, packed with useful resources, engaging content, and thoughtful compositions from active members. Take a look at some of the posts featured in our June Newsletter:

[Educator Network] The Importance of Using AI in the Classroom

This is a guest post written by Edmentum Educator Network member, Brad Zellner, a teacher at Orleans Jr./Sr. High School and Assistant Basketball Coach at Owensboro Thoroughbreds.

Until recently, Brad Zellner was an educator who felt AI was too difficult to take on in the classroom. But as he dove into two separate projects, he began to see that AI does have a place in the classroom and can be very beneficial to educators and students.

[Educator Network] Current Trends in Special Education 2021

For students with special needs—roughly 7 million in the U.S. ages 3 to 21—classrooms moving to a virtual or hybrid model presented unique challenges. The adjustments in education have illuminated some significant trends for students with special needs. Let’s take a deeper look into some of the top five issues that are currently trending in the world of special education.

[Educator Network] Inquiry and Play-Based Learning Imagination as a Tool for Instruction

Educators are always evaluating and adjusting their teaching approach to better meet the educational needs of their students. This has been a year where strong teachers were compelled into acceptance. Exploring instructional strategies are a way to use the research in a tangible way in a classroom.  Investigation and application additional strategies keeps you learning and offers new approaches to content for students. To get you started, here are a few tactics to explore. 

[Educator Network] Never Ask an Educator for One Good Book

There is always a response from teachers when you ask them to give you a favorite children’s book or read aloud. I think it is something woven into the fabrics that make up a teacher, like a prerequisite for walking into a classroom. However, when asking for only one book and they become stumped. If the idea of only listing one causes you to stumble and hesitate and beg for another sheet of paper where you can make a list and shove all the titles into one single space, you know what I mean. Educators love a good story.

We asked the Educator Network to give us one favorite book and, without veering from the expected, a delightful list was created.

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