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[Educator Network] Letter to Educators: Tell Us Why You Teach

[Educator Network] Letter to Educators: Tell Us Why You Teach

So many of you have found your way through a year full of instructional challenges and discovered new and exciting ways to instruct. We want to keep the discussion going. We want to hear about the silver linings. We want to know how you keep the passion to pedagogy in your world.

Recently, we began to capture the “Why” of educators and creating videos to share. In a year when the world is talking about significant changes in the workforce and while there appears to be a major shift in the working world, with many people looking for new jobs and careers over the next several months, that is not always a solution for educators. The appetite for supporting learning is often a calling over a job. Educators may want to stay in teaching but try to find a renewed sense of value in their current role.

What is your advice for educators who want to make their current role or school a more meaningful and inspiring place? What have you done in the past to refocus and find purpose in your passion? Why do you teach when it is arguably one of the hardest jobs in the world?

We want to know your why. Other educators want to know. Let us set up some time together to have that conversation, or if you are more comfortable, write it up. Email meSee other educator’s “Why” here.

I look forward to hearing from you!