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[Elementary Learning] Our Favorite Videos from EducationCity and Reading Eggs

[Elementary Learning] Our Favorite Videos from EducationCity and Reading Eggs


Learning is always most effective when it’s fun. And with catchy, entertaining songs from Reading Eggs and EducationCity, we bet you and your students will be up and dancing as you practice foundational math and literacy skills! Here’s five of our favorites from these engaging elementary solutions—free for you to start using in your classroom today!


The 8x Table Song—EducationCity

Join some funky animals for an unexpected pet shop disco to memorize the 8x table. Be warned—this one will get stuck in your head!


Days of the Week Sing Along—EducationCity

Tag along with Stig on his walk to school as he sings about the seven days of the week and practices identifying yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


The M Song—Reading Eggs

Sam the Ant shares some of his favorite words that start with M to help your young readers get familiar with the letter and sound correspondence.


Jazzy J Sings About the Letter J—Reading Eggs

Jazz loves the letter J—and your students will love learning about the sound J makes with his upbeat, silly song!


Sam’s Alphabet Song—Reading Eggs

Follow along with Sam and Captain Salty as they teach your young learners a way to sing and remember the alphabet.

Want to see more of the engaging content in Edmentum’s online programs for foundational learning? Start your free trial of EducationCity or Reading Eggs today!