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Empowered Women, Empower Women

Empowered Women, Empower Women

Today, March 8, 2022, is International Women’s Day (IWD), and March is Women’s History Month. Today is a day to celebrate the achievements of women and raise awareness against bias. This marks an opportunity to honor the history and accomplishments of women who have contributed to our culture, workforce, communities, and more. This year’s IWD theme is #BreakTheBias, I’m proud of the work we do at Edmentum to support these efforts.

1. Women in the Workforce

Women's History Month is a chance to reflect on the countless innovative and courageous women who came before us and those who encourage and inspire us today.  

Today, women make up nearly 47 percent of the total U.S. workforce, yet are not equitably represented in leadership roles. In particular, when we look at roles held by women within our education system, at schools and districts we see that 76 percent of K-12 educators are women, 55 percent of K-12 principals are women, yet only 24 percent of school superintendents are women.

At Edmentum, we’re proud to continue to provide opportunities for women to shape and lead our efforts and organization. Women make up nearly 72 percent of all Edmentors. Moreover, over 54 percent of our people leaders and 45 percent of our Executive Leadership team are women. While our work continues, we are proud of where we are today. 

2. Women at Edmentum

We know having a dedicated space to uplift and support each other is critical to the success of our mission. In addition to promoting a flexible and supportive work environment and providing benefits like paid family leave and volunteer time off, creating a safe space to celebrate and support each other is essential. So, what else are we doing? In 2020, Edmentum launched our Women at Edmentum Employee Resource Group (ERG). The Women's Employee Resource Group (ERG) provides the space and opportunity to do just that.   

“I am both excited and grateful for the opportunity to sponsor the Women's ERG! We will continue working with our members and allies to provide a forum to bond and address issues facing women in the workforce. Stay tuned for meeting topics, book club invites, and workshops as we celebrate Women's History Month (and beyond).” 

– Jakki Mathis-Hull, Women at Edmentum Executive Sponsor & General Counsel 

There is nothing more powerful than strong women and allies collaborating, communicating, and finding commonalities when it is increasingly easy to feel isolated. Jakki and I encourage all Edmentors to join this incredible group. 

3. Supporting the Next Generation of Leaders

Whether deliberate or unconscious, gender bias can be one of the biggest roadblocks to successful student outcomes. We work hard to strip any bias or stereotypes from our content and curriculum to ensure all students feel connected to, not alienated from, their education.  

Edmentum is also driving change through the incredible work of the "We Can Learn" Foundation, which strives to positively impact the growth and education of women across the globe. We’re incredibly proud to work with organizations that elevate young women in their communities. Girls With Impact and Alight are just two of the incredibly powerful organizations that we’ve partnered with over the past year, and I’m really excited about what is yet to come. 

This International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month let’s all find ways to celebrate the work of exemplary women in your workplace and communities.

Join us as we work to #breakthebias. 

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Jamie Candee

Jamie joined Edmentum in 2005 and began her career with the company in Human Resources, before working her way through nearly every department within the organization—serving as Director, Sales and Service Effectiveness; Vice President, Product Development; Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing; and Chief Revenue Officer during her initial tenure. Jamie rejoined the organization in 2017, to lead Edmentum’s strategic vision and long term growth plan as President, CEO, and Board Director, bringing her successful record of accomplishment as an executive with extensive experience in education technology, private equity, and policy. Her ambitious personality, relentless commitment to serve educators and students, and strong leadership inspire her teams to build and implement education programs that promote and support lifelong teaching and learning.