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ESL ReadingSmart Receives WIDA PRIME V2 Correlation

ESL ReadingSmart Receives WIDA PRIME V2 Correlation

We’re very excited to announce that Edmentum’s ESL ReadingSmart solution has been awarded a complete WIDA PRIME V2 correlation!

English language learners (ELLs) make up an estimated 4.4 million students in America’s public school system. By 2020, it is estimated that one in four U.S. students will be an immigrant or an ELL. The impact of diversity in the classroom continues to highlight the growing need for quality educational materials that target English language proficiency.

Consortia like WIDA are dedicated to this cause. WIDA was originally created in 2002 as an organization for World-class Instructional Design and Assessment. 14 years later, the WIDA consortium now includes 38 U.S. State Education Agencies and an expanded mission that focuses on advancing academic language development for linguistically diverse students.

As one of their key initiatives, the WIDA Consortium developed the Protocol for Review of Instructional Materials for ELLs (PRIME) as a tool to assist educators in making informed decisions about selecting instructional materials for language education programs. This well respected protocol for review evaluates solutions for their instructional merit in alignment with the PRIME V2 Inventory.

Given this organization’s rich history, we are very pleased to announce that ESL ReadingSmart recently received an exemplary WIDA PRIME correlation following a rigorous review process. Positive marks recognize ESL ReadingSmart’s promise to provide curriculum that aligns to best practices as outlined by the English Language Proficiency Standards.

The detailed correlation evaluates ESL ReadingSmart against a comprehensive criteria set, which incorporates levels of language proficiency, cognitive challenge, supports for various levels of language acquisition, and model performance indicators amongst other key strands. The published WIDA PRIME V2 correlation includes detailed justification and examples from the program to support each element of the PRIME V2 Inventory.

By attaining a WIDA PRIME V2 correlation, Edmentum and ESL ReadingSmart join a distinguished group of online learning providers that have completed the multi-criterion analysis. Edmentum believes in providing ELLs high-quality content to develop the language skills they need to succeed in an academic environment. We’re very excited to share this announcement and proud of what it says about our commitment to support all students with best-in-class educational solutions.

Visit the WIDA Consortium or PRIME websites to learn more about these great organizations. Interested in finding out how your school or district can partner with ESL ReadingSmart to promote the academic success of English language learners from 4th grade to adulthood? Check out our brochure here.

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