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Exam and License Certification Success

Exam and License Certification Success

As I work with institutions, it has become more and more evident that the formative assessment methods of various health and allied health educational programs frequently lack the resources needed for an instructor to identify learner weaknesses and identify which learners require intervention. Although these methods of assessing learners are often well-established, the essential skills to deal with a learner with instructional “gaps” are largely underdeveloped in instructors and facilitators.

But I also know that exam preparation and intervention programs are vital to helping learners achieve their college and career goals.  So how do we make sure learners are getting the targeted preparation they need from these programs? Successful learner intervention involves multiple steps, including: prompt problem identification, meeting with the learner to develop an individualized strategy, and the development of instructional best practices to decrease re-teaching and increase retention.

Instructors need a tool that provides academic assessment, engaging assessment, research-based instructional resources, and advanced teaching practices to help them support each learner’s individualized instruction.  And institutions need that tool to be affordable, objective-aligned, and effective to ensure learners are passing their certification and licensing exams. 

Here at Northstar Workforce Readiness, we know how important these exams are, so we ensure that every one of our programs is aligned to the objectives of each exam and license certification. This is one example of our alignment – the Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) exam.

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Mitchell Welch

Mitch has more than 13 years of public school experience that includes teaching and administrative positions. His public school career was dedicated to teaching mathematics and guiding schools as an assistant principal and principal at elementary, middle, and high school. Mitch has worked as a national consultant developing and building training departments from the ground up and designing and implementing numerous programs focused on leadership, mentoring, classroom management, and parent involvement. Mitch also has a wide range of experience implementing programs and software, from individual institutions to state-wide implementations. He joined Edmentum in 2008.