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[Exciting Announcement] Discover How Fun Learning Can Be with Study Island for Home

[Exciting Announcement] Discover How Fun Learning Can Be with Study Island for Home

Keeping your child engaged in learning can be difficult in today’s technology-filled world. Parents are competing against all kinds of distractions, including video games, cellphones, tablets, YouTube videos, and much more. Edmentum is excited to offer a new tool to help keep your child focused! Study Island for Home actively engages students in the learning process with games and incentives, as well as provides you with insights to keep your child on track in his or her learning. With lessons and practice problems for grades K through 12, Study Island for Home helps your child catch up or sprint ahead and fosters true enjoyment in learning.

Meaningful Practice in Core Subject Areas

Study Island for Home enhances learning by helping your child practice and master math, ELA, science, and social studies skills. Expertly designed questions utilize interactive technology-enhanced item types to help your child move through the learning process, think more critically about each topic area, and achieve deeper learning. Study Island for Home offers your child the opportunity to explore new concepts and content and reinforces what has already been learned to improve his or her academic performance.

Engaging Students, Involving Parents

Study Island for Home rewards your child’s success with a variety of incentives that encourage him or her to continue moving forward without distracting from his or her learning. As your child progresses through lessons, he or she earns coins that can be used to purchase avatars and game plays, and he or she is rewarded with badges when major milestones are met.

Your child may be the one learning, but as a parent, it’s vital to stay involved to provide motivation and track progress. Study Island for Home is designed to help you do just that. With a real-time reporting dashboard, Study Island for Home offers easy access to comprehensive data not only on how your child is performing on lessons and activities but also how he or she is using the program. This insight helps you easily identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses within specific subject areas, customize his or her learning experience, and track his or her progress against specific goals.

Playing to Learn

Study Island for Home’s built-in game play mode combines learning with fun to keep your child truly engaged. More and more research is emerging to support the effectiveness of games and gamification in education. Games within Study Island for Home reinforce key concepts through interactive competition and engaging animations that capture your child’s attention and ensure that he or she stays motivated to continue learning. Best of all, they’re fun!

We believe that learning should be about problem solving and inspiration—that’s why we created Study Island for Home! Help you child catch up or stay ahead and develop a true love of learning with Study Island for Home’s personalized method of instruction, proven to increase achievement. Find out how your child can experience more success with Study Island for Home, or start your free trial today!