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Expanded Career Paths: Introducing Our New Hospitality and Tourism Pathway

Expanded Career Paths: Introducing Our New Hospitality and Tourism Pathway

Edmentum Courseware has a sizable Career and Technical Education (CTE) library, and as of this September, we’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded our course options with a brand-new career pathway: Hospitality and Tourism!

Each of our career pathways are organized into three categories: introductory courses, technical courses, and application courses. With the release of the Food Handler and Food Manager Certifications course, an application course, we are now able to cluster hospitality and tourism-themed courses into a complete pathway.

Let’s take a look into our new Hospitality and Tourism pathway and what career options are available in this in-demand industry.

Our New Pathway: Hospitality and Tourism

The Hospitality and Tourism Career Pathway now consists of a total of 4 courses:

Introductory courses are meant to provide foundational skills and industry knowledge. The Principles of Hospitality and Tourism A/B course offers 14 lessons that emphasize learning practical aspects of the industry, while promoting the development of critical thinking skills required in real-world situations.

Technical courses are intended to deepen knowledge on specific skills and content and both the Nutrition and Wellness course and the Culinary Arts A/B course cover specific industry topics such as community health issues and the social and economic significance of the food industry.

Application courses are designed to be used in preparation for industry-recognized certification exams, which is where our Food Handler and Food Manager Certification course comes in, rounding out this career pathway. Let’s learn more about what this course has to offer.   

Our New Course: Food Handler and Food Manager Certifications Course

Our Food Handler and Food Manager Certifications course prepares students to take the National Restaurant Association (NRA) ServSafe® Food Handler or Manager Certification exam.

Students interested in entering the food industry in frontline operations (food servers, food preparers) and food managing (chefs, restaurant owners) that want to take these certification exams will benefit from this preparation course by learning key topics that include:

  • Principles of food safety
  • Food hygiene practices
  • Time and temperature control
  • Food procedures from initial purchasing to final serving
  • Procedures for cleaning and sanitizing
  • Food service inspection protocols

Keep in mind, the Food Handler Certification and the Food Manager Certification are two different exams that the students would have to register for through ServSafe. However, this engaging class serves the purpose of preparing students for both exams.

Careers in Hospitality and Tourism

There is a wide variety of engaging career options in the hospitality and tourism industry. Here are a few exciting careers students could consider:

  • Activities Director
  • Amusement Park Director
  • Catering Business Owner
  • Concert and Festival Coordinator
  • Cruise Director
  • Event and Conference Organizer
  • Executive Chef
  • Resort and Spa Manager
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Tour Guide
  • Travel Agent
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Wedding Coordinator

Along with the Food Handler and Food Manager Certifications course, we also released two new CTE courses: CompTIA Network+ Certification (N10-007) and Foundations of Green Energy, both courses in fast growing fields! Check out our What’s New Page to be in the know when Edmentum CTE courses are released and learn more about our career paths and certification courses.

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