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Expanding Exact Path Content for Our Youngest Learners in Grades K–1

Expanding Exact Path Content for Our Youngest Learners in Grades K–1

At Edmentum, we are committed to ensuring that Exact Path is helping you mitigate learning gaps and accelerate growth for all students. In a school year that has brought about much educational uncertainty, you can feel confident that our award-winning program is always evolving to meet the needs of children. A foundational element of that work rests squarely on the age-appropriate and pedagogically sound content that we provide.

On February 1, we are proud to announce the release of 18 new instructional modules spread across a variety of kindergarten and 1st grade skills in both math and reading:

  • In reading, 11 new modules, each made up of a lesson and related practice, address explicit and systematic phonological and phonemic awareness skills. This investment in the reading foundations domain is sure to make a tremendous impact, building essential prereading and reading skills for academic success.

  • In math, seven new instructional modules, each containing a lesson and related practice, represent continued improvement targeting the following skills: real-world problems, addition and subtraction, composing and decomposing numbers, and place value.

What else can you expect from our K–1 content release?

We’re excited to share that this release (as well as future content releases) prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion. This improvement has required us to take careful stock of our animated characters and make intentional improvements to more accurately reflect the students we serve in the characters they see on screen. Meet the refreshed learners of 2021! We’re bringing together a band of familiar faces with new hairstyles and updated attire, alongside a few new friends who will be hitting the scene this year.

Improving Exact Path Content for Our Youngest Learners in Grades K–1

In addition to addressing the look and feel of the content, great care has been given to combined item writing for practice modules and the aligned Progress Check assessments that students complete to establish mastery. Our talented team of Learning Designers, Assessment Designers, and Content Developers evaluated the most appropriate item formats and layouts for five-, six-, and seven-year-olds to propel learning forward without causing frustration. This involved including many art and audio-heavy items for early readers. Take a peek at these kindergarten reading and 1st grade math modules below to see for yourself.

Kindergarten Reading – Campfire Words

First Grade – Adding with Blocks

Upon launch, your students will start seeing these new content modules following the completion of their very next Progress Check or diagnostic assessment (assuming of course that students have these specific instructional needs). Don’t forget that, as an educator, you can use the content search to find these modules for yourself and leverage them in whole-group or small-group direct instruction.

You can continue to follow this update and other release details on the Exact Path What’s New page. If you’re interested in a closer look at other content investments, take a peek at the details behind our recent Exact Path grades 3–5 content enhancements.

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