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[Feature Focus] BASE Education Educator & Student Interface Design

[Feature Focus] BASE Education Educator & Student Interface Design

A simple, intuitive design goes a long way toward creating a successful experience for all. In BASE Education, great care has been taken to simplify the time spent getting started, recommending courses, and reviewing data for both students and educators.

Take a look at six key features of the BASE Education user experience that will ensure a successful implementation of this CASEL-approved social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum for grades 1–12.

1. Rooms organize your classes and courses

Upon logging in, educators will be prompted to quickly and easily build “rooms.” The simplest way to think about rooms is like classes, where you can add specified students, recommend specific courses, and monitor progress. Alternately, you might choose to design a room around a course theme with a specified grouping of courses. Students can then peruse your room and add themselves if they're interested in exploring further.

2. Guided prompts support educator navigation

Easy-to-follow prompts via friendly pop-ups will be your helpful tour guide in this educator experience. Upon the initial welcome, BASE Education will help you choose what you want to do that day, so there’s no guesswork involved. Additional on-screen coaching will walk you through building your first room, recommending courses, and adding students.

3. The educator dashboard provides easy access to data

Active student activity and course activity are now elevated to the educator dashboard. Additionally, rooms help organize progress by course and student for simpler, more intuitive drilldowns.

4. The educator portal allows direct launch of courses

This is a simple option that brings big impact. When reviewing courses as an educator, you can launch the course without having to jump into the student portal. This is a great feature to help preview courses before recommending them to learners and a perfect option to support direct instruction using BASE Education.

5. Navigation for student courses is simplified

When students log in, simple course organization makes access to learning easier than ever before. On the student homepage, courses in progress and recommended courses from teachers will be displayed front and center. Completed courses will shift out of the main homepage design into a tab for previous courses to give an uncluttered look and feel. If students are not assigned to a room yet, they will have the ability to submit a request to join—another great option for building out a class structure!

6. Course access is easier to control

Students are allowed easier access to all courses available within their school, district, or organization. Do you have a student who wants to explore stress management during a demanding time or hone strategies for staying on task when developing future goals? Learners can explore new courses that meet their interests without being assigned by a teacher.

Additionally, account administrators have the ability to control which courses students have access to through their own independent search. This is a helpful tool for courses that cover more sensitive topics and that may only be appropriate if explicitly recommended by the teacher.

Looking for more information about how to get started successfully with BASE Education? Check out our Getting Started page, your one-stop shop for video tutorials, blog posts, and pacing guides that will propel your whole-learner approach to instruction.

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