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[Feature Focus] Discover Study Island Printable Worksheets to Continue Learning Offline

[Feature Focus] Discover Study Island Printable Worksheets to Continue Learning Offline

We’ve all been there at one time or another—stuck in a situation where the computer lab is booked or the laptop cart doesn’t have enough classroom devices. So, what do you do when the lesson you have planned calls for technology, but the technology is unavailable? If you’re using Study Island, Edmentum’s K–12 practice and preparation program, then you’ll also find offline options to help you navigate through such a situation. Let’s take a closer look at the printable worksheets feature available in Study Island and learn how to best use it to supplement your students’ online practice.

In Study Island, teachers and students have access to over 600,000 standards-aligned items, including more than 10,000 technology-enhanced items. These items can be found in various online practice tools within the program, including independent online practice, collaborative Group Sessions, and customizable Built Tests, all of which are key practice features included in Study Island subscriptions. Additionally, educators can find printable worksheets for even more targeted practice.

Printable worksheets are available for every grade-level topic to help students practice a specific standard or set of standards in order to reinforce concept understanding. By default, when you select the printable worksheet option after choosing your topic, a 10-question practice session will be generated. You can preview the available questions or change the number of questions included in your printable worksheet from this screen. Additionally, you can decide to include or hide the answer key and question explanations prior to downloading a PDF or exporting to Microsoft Word.

Study Island Printable Worksheets

So, how can you use Study Island printable worksheets with your students? While you may have a few ideas, here are three suggestions based on how we’ve seen our customers use this feature:

  1. Build customized practice or formative assessments using a combination of Study Island items and your very own to administer following a lesson. Just open a printable worksheet in Microsoft Word and edit as needed.
  2. Provide fast finishers with additional individualized practice throughout the school day to accelerate student learning outside of computer-designated time.
  3. Create homework or at-home makeup assignments for when students miss class and need meaningful practice they can complete anywhere they are, regardless of their access to technology.

Want to try out some of Study Island’s printable worksheets for yourself? Check out our Study Island Practice Bundles to sample English language arts and math problems for every grade level from kindergarten through 12th grade!

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