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[Feature Focus] Edmentum Courseware Pacing, Progress, and Performance

[Feature Focus] Edmentum Courseware Pacing, Progress, and Performance

This summer, we released several enhancements to the Edmentum Courseware application, including brand-new features to improve the way educators access and utilize data and new algebra, science, elective, and CTE courses. Our new Courseware educator home page is based on research and your feedback about how you implement programs to meet your organization goals.

Time management is one of the biggest keys to success in an online learning environment. To help you and your students make the most of your time, we’ve added greater visibility to course progress and pacing data designed to give you and your students guidance toward course completion. Additionally, powerful and intuitive data views on individual students and group performance provide the insight needed for making instructional decisions that impact achievement.

Edmentum Courseware Class Pacing View

Let’s take a deeper look:

From this dashboard, educators can quickly and easily get answers to questions such as:

  • Which students are working behind pace?
  • How many activities have been completed or are left to complete?
  • How are students pacing against the course goals?
  • What is a student’s overall course grade? What is a student’s current grade?

Edmentum Courseware Student Pacing View

Edmentum defines pacing as the number of instructional activities completed within a defined period. Students are identified by one of four pacing statuses:

  • Ahead of pace: the student completed at least one assignment ahead of current pace
  • On pace: the student has completed the number of activities required at current pace
  • Slightly off pace: the student is one or two activities behind the current pace
  • Off pace: the student is three or more activities behind the current pace

The new Student Pacing View is designed to give students even more visibility into their overall progress through a course as well as their grades for a course, empowering them to be proactive decisionmakers when determining what to do next.

Edmentum Courseware Student Pacing Dashboard

These new data views will provide students and teachers alike with quick and easy access to monitoring performance that will drive improved learning outcomes. Ready to learn more about pacing, progress, and performance features in Edmentum Courseware? Check out this release-preview video!

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Ketsia Hamilton

Ketsia Hamilton has spent over 15 years in education. She taught high school social studies, facilitated credit bearing online learning programs, and supported technology integration staff development at secondary campuses in Texas. Ketsia has served as a Senior Specialist for curriculum and implementation with Edmentum and as the National Assessment Consultant concentrating on assessment policy and research to support the assessment product lines. She is currently Edmentum's Senior Product Manager, focusing on our Courseware program.