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[Feature Focus] Edmentum Courseware User Interface

[Feature Focus] Edmentum Courseware User Interface

In the new age of accountability, we know visibility and access to data are critical components of all educators’ work to provide students with guidance toward achieving their goals. With this in mind, we have made important updates to our Edmentum Courseware’s user interface, including new reporting features and user experience functionality driven by direct feedback from educators. We’ll briefly cover a few of the most notable improvements, along with suggestions to get the most from each feature.

Educator Printable Views

This update provides greater flexibility in how you can review and share information. Educators will now have a printable view in both PDF and HTML format of: 

  • Student curriculum details
  • My Course Sections
  • My Classrooms

This specific update will provide improved workflow to monitor student curriculum details and provide additional opportunies to view and understand how students engage with their course curriculum.

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Educator Reviews for Algebra Practice

Students can now complete additional practice at the unit or course level in our algebra curriculum. Students can practice as many times as they would like, and practice does not contribute to score. It’s simply a tool to build and refine skills!

In addition, educators can review this practice, see student answers, access an answer key, and view how the practice appeared to the student. Educators can view a summary of the questions answered in order to quickly take action and provide additional instruction on specific topics when needed.

Edmentum Courseware User Interface

Student Translation

This popular and useful tool allows students who are building English-language skills to translate content they’re working on as needed, supporting overall learning and comprehension. Now, we’ve expanded the feature to include Swahili and Italian translation, providing additional support for your diverse English language learners.

At Edmentum, we’re committed to providing high-quality, research-proven, and standards-aligned digital curriculum that help educators and students achieve graduation success. Interested in learning more about how Edmentum’s library of over 400 online courses can expand options and support goals within your program? Get the details on Edmentum Courseware here, and be sure to check back over the next couple weeks to learn more about additional updates to reporting and Gradebook features!